Universal Osmosis

Universal Osmosis

As an avid photographer Susan Griffith-Jones has searched and shot ‘marvellous’ visions of places and people all over the globe. Combined with this love of the art of photography and through contemplation of the various techniques taught to her by her Spiritual Masters, over the years she has come to display the meanings of Universal Spiritual Truths in symbolic pictures, calling this kind of art, ‘Photo Collage Artwork’, whereby many of her photos of varying themes express meanings within different designs that come to make up one whole shape of Sacred Geometrical significance. This book describes the meaning of each of her large symbolic pictures in detail, and the background story of how and why they were made at specific moments in Susan’s life.

Ganga, Life of A River

Ganga Book

Since 2007, Susan has been visiting sections of the River Ganga, and both filming and photographing them. Her extensive 10 year work on the river has so far lead her from Ganga’s traditional source at Gaumukh, Gangotri up to the Farakka Barrage in West Bengal, from where she has yet to ‘complete’ the short section up to Sagar Island, beyond Kolkata. Woven into stories about her own journey along the river, this book will cover the history, geography as well as social, religious and environmental aspects of the River Ganges.

The River Ganges

A documentary film on various aspects of the river, in different locations is currently being discussed for a TV series.

Bosnian Pyramids

Susan was invited to Bosnia in June 2017, at which time she shot visuals of all 5 monuments of the complex of newly discovered pyramids in the Visoko valley, just outside Sarajevo.

As she did in her previous artistic documentary, Circle of Immortality , Susan will be making an artistic documentary about the people, place and points of interest there, using various symbols and shapes upon which to base the timeline, so as to embed its meaning into the film.

Drops of Being

Firstly a film script will be written, based on the story told in ‘Drops of Being’ , which will subsequently be turned into a feature film.

Coming soon

Crystal Of Light

Using the theme of ‘Naga Beings’, various shapes and symbols patterned into one whole design that carries the overall meaning, will demonstrate the harmonics of energy flow, describing an inner world that controls the ongoing well being of our outer physical form.