The Magician’s Jewel


‘Invitation to a Talk on ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


I am Susan Griffith-Jones, a Creative Innovative Artist. Albeit born in the British Isles, I’ve dedicated more than 30 years of my life to travelling and living widely across the globe, decades of which have been studying and journeying the inner pathways with the Tibetan Masters in Nepal and India.

On my website www.pyramidkey.com, I’ve documented periodic conclusions of my various explorations that I look at from many different angles and then expose within innovative symbolic representations; artistic documentaries whose timelines are built upon the sacred patterns embedded into them that are also displayed within my large Photo Collage Art and Art Installation pieces, whose meaning I then explain in my books and articles, and at conferences, workshops and relevant functions, worldwide.

Having realised in Jan 2021 that the key symbols from all 8 pieces of my Photo Collage Art plus 1 installation piece may be the individual parts of one whole greater structure, I combined them into an inspiringly large, exclusive, multi-dimensional composition that I named, ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, impressive enough to create a sense of awe at first sight, as well as for participants to comfortably move around on within its inner passageways and chambers.

I then forged an uncontrived trail through this huge installation that is also a purposefully tailored, symbolic exposure of the process of existence as described in the ‘Bardol Thodol’ (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) and wrote a long and detailed working draft of the meaning and mechanism of all its parts, describing its construction of natural universal archetypes and how it holds the quintessential, heart essence meaning of the innermost school of the yogic teachings within its design, as well as its function as a Conscious Installation Device that has the capacity to clean up the subtle energy of the space in its environs.

Then inside the heart of this machine that has been built to resonate its subtle meaning to the beholder, splendid interactive sound and light displays dazzle the participant, who will now ascend a winding spiral travelator while passing through 12 viewing platforms that are large enough to allow people to comfortably move around on, a full chromatic octave of harmonic resonance that leads to a chamber resonating the sound of AUM at its apex.

Its innermost route finds participants donning Augmented and Virtual Reality glasses then following a pathway through varying chambers and open spaces of the installation, working through key visualisation processes that are carefully designed to enhance the experience of the Bardos as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead, while passing through labyrinths and crossing hurdles, to finally reach a multi-dimensional space at its very centre.

Once the challenges at each stage of its outer, inner and secret sections have been met, a simulation of its heart essence and ultimate meaning, appears.


Video of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ installation structure being assembled piece by piece


This task to build ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ as an installation structure that is also a working device, is clearly something that I cannot do without the help of a lot of expertise. If you feel drawn to this challenging tour of our essential make up, as well as playing with a unique design potential spanning dimensional spaces, a magical threefold combination of form (shape), sound (vibration) and charge (light), as well as many other in-depth meanings, I would love to see you at my up-and-coming online talk at 10am (PST), Sunday 24th February 2024.

Over Zoom from my home in the Indian Himalayas, I will explain both the meaning of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ as it has revealed itself to me so far, as well as request those of you who would wish to continue on this journey with me, to attend an in-person workshop later on in the year, in the Bay area, in which we will dive deeper into the more intricate parts of its mechanism in a dialogue about building its prototype.


An Introductory Presentation of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


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