Crystal of Time

Crystal of Time

The ‘Crystal of Time’ photo collage art piece was created by Susan Griffith-Jones in 2019.

Crystal of Time

As a symbol of many aspects of mind and its mechanisms, plus esoteric meanings among others, this entire static shape of Crystal of Time expresses how the process to convert Hertzian waves into Longitudinal ones occurs.

In a further sense, Hertzian transverse waves correlate to Consciousness experiencing various ordinary mind states of worldly existence operating within certain bands of frequency lower than the speed of light, which take Time and Effort to process, while longitudinal waves express Consciousness experiencing aspects of Universal qualities ‘beyond’ those, as properties of Light itself, such as Wisdom, Compassion, Bliss, Clarity, etc… that manifest instantly as a mere pulsation, without any effort, movement or time factor, and have an instantaneous effect everywhere on all appearance, immediately.

‘Crystal of Time’ thus dynamically shows how we may transcend the ordinary thought process and use universal qualities to infuse appearance with greater meaning.

Susan is now in the process of creating a 3-dimensional version of ‘Crystal of Time’ as a Conscious Installation Device, using conductive materials and precious stones to test how this process may actually occur.

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