The Divine Vajra

‘The Divine Vajra’ (2021)


The 3D installation known as, ‘The Divine Vajra’  has been designed using the information that’s been symbolically embedded by Susan in the first 2 pictures of her Series II Photo Collage Art pictures; ‘Crystal of Time’, 2019, and ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’, 2020.


‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’

‘Crystal of Time’

‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’


The central golden sun disc-like circle of ‘Crystal of Time’ with its 12 hexagonal rays is magnified into more detail in ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ that in its 3D aspect is a donut-shaped flow of energy from the outside in and inside out.

This continual movement is an infinite fractal toroidal field evolving circles positioned at 12 points around its circumference, in golden ratio, that get larger and larger until they become the whole, after which they subsequently reverse their size to become smaller and smaller, until reaching their starting position and size again.

Susan has symbolically embedded the combination of these 2 pictures into the first edition of her artistic documentary, ‘Visions of Bosnia’ that in the manner of her genre of ‘Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking’, describes the inner meaning of the complex of Bosnian pyramids that are found in the Visoko valley, near Sarajevo, Bosnia.


As a 3D Installation

During the process of designing ‘Crystal of Time’, Susan was already thinking about developing it into a 3D installation piece and about what purpose it may have as a working mechanism or device and what energetic functions it could perform.

Asking around amongst people who were talking about such matters at the Bosnian Pyramid Summer Solstice Conferences that she attended for 3 consecutive years (2017-2019) near Sarajevo, Bosnia, several ideas abounded.

These included it being a healing capacitor, an electrode, a scalar antenna, a Standing Columnar Wave, a cathode, a resonator, etc…, all viable options if coupled with the right technical expertise to execute it, and people with acute knowledge of materials and testing methods to collectively transform ‘Crystal of Time’ into a functioning machine.

However, it was while designing The Magician’s Jewel (TMJ) in early 2021 that a 3D version of ‘Crystal of Time’ emerged as ‘The Divine Vajra’ that spans the full length of its central axis.


The Divine Vajra as the axis of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


Hypothesis for a working mechanism of TMJ

‘The Divine Vajra’ positioned within the shapes defining the main structural frame of TMJ


Energy is potentially being kick started from different parts of the mechanism here, one of which entails the movement of people travelling in specific directions around the base of the installation, an action that may cause the ‘Two Keys, One Lock’ that the base crystal of ‘The Divine Vajra’ fits into the centre of, to spin clockwise and thus cause the crystal to vibrate, forming piezo-electricity to occur and resonate through the other 3, to reach the mechanism at the centre of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’.


The lowest Crystal of The Divine Vajra’ fits into the centre of ‘Two Keys, One Lock’


Similarly, the upper crystal of ‘The Divine Vajra’ fits into the AUM chamber that through its octave of sound harmonics resonating from itself, energetically strikes this crystal that then piezo-electrically transmits energy through itself and the 3 others, to the mechanism at the centre of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’.


The topmost crystal fits into the AUM chamber at the apex of the structure


As its active motor working together with these special configurations, it is currently envisaged that in fitting perfectly together with the 4-sided pyramidal shape of the structure that holds the information encoded in Susan’s Photo Collage Art piece, ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, ‘The Divine Vajra’ may form a swirling mass of energy travelling in a pulsed column of cycling energy, a Standing Columnar Wave (SCW) that may also pick up longitudinal, compressional waves from the environment, thus creating a localised field within which ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ may operate on a larger scale.

Here in ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, this SCW would then combine with a mini Solitron system placed at ninety degrees to itself along a horizontal grid in the park area surrounding the main structure on either side, forming a particular energy pattern that would not only affect the whole structure, but also come into resonance with similar energy patterns that surround all living beings, the Earth as well as those existing within cosmic space, in effect re-ionising the atmosphere and subtle energy bodies of biological life forms.


The Magician’s Jewel


Completing a current between SCWs in the cosmic field and the electro-magnetic grid that runs in the cardinal and intermediary directions across the Earth, ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ also potentially creates a new hub on the collective SCW/Solitron Earth grid system of pyramids, domes, obelisks, mounds, medicine wheels and other forms of electromagnetic tuners that are constructed at specific locations across the Earth where such energy lines converge.

It is proposed that this strong ‘scalar’ antenna that both emits and receives longitudinal compressional waves that have been achieved through both the SCW/Solitron grid, as well as a process of implosion happening at the centre of itself inside the dodeca-icosahedron to where all the localised energy of the structure is directed, can thus potentially connect into the local and planetary power system that in turn is connected to its Solar, Galactic and Universal octave ratios.


The Torii

It is envisioned that this movement of light (form) and sound occurring respectively at the base and apex of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, are the mechanisms to activate the toroidal field movements of the 3 torii that are occurring around the lower, central and upper parts of ‘The Divine Vajra’.

Five beams of light surround the lower and upper torii, flowing around them, causing ‘The Divine Vajra’ to symbolically form the shape of a Tibetan Master’s ‘Dorje’, or ‘Vajra’ ritual hand object, who’s meaning allegorically points to a state of Enlightenment, an indestructible hardness and brilliance of mind that like the diamond, can neither be cut nor broken.

In turn, the Vajra/Dorje is specifically used by the Tibetan Masters to repair broken energy patterns in the environment and depending on whether they wield it clockwise or anti-clockwise has the effect of activating or pacifying such energy.



Each of the 3 torii comprise their own toroidal flow of light that appears as if made of transparent colours, flowing visibly with a sparkling quality, yet transparent so that you can see into their interiors. Almost spherical yet slightly flattened at the top and bottom, the outside moves inwards into the centre of itself at its apex and back outwards again at its base, in a continual self-reference of feedback loops.

The upper and lower toroidal flows of the 3 torii, have 5 coloured lights surrounding them and support a larger central one that is positioned in between the 2 crystals that holds a dodeca-icosahedron shape at the very heart of the installation structure, also made up of the same 5 colours.

This is the fractal toroidal field of ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ flowing around its interior.



Here, in ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, the 3 torii that we see in upper, middle and lower positions upon ‘The Divine Vajra’ represent the 3 main levels of existence as per the Sanskrit terminology mentioned in the Vajrayana tradition of the highest yogic tantras of Tibetan Buddhism, and a fourth within which all 3 together are as one;

  • Dharmakaya – Field of Reality
  • Sambhogakaya – Field of Bliss
  • Nirmanakaya – Field of Emanation
  • Svabhavikakaya – Field of Essence.

1/ An upper torus relates to the upper 4-wing structure surrounding the 64 chequered board in Crystal of Timeand is the same size as the lower torus

  • Sambhogakaya

2/ The central torus is larger and relates to the larger set of 4 coloured pincer wings surrounding the golden circle in Crystal of Time

  • Dharmakaya.

3/ A lower torus relates to the 1st group of 4 element wings surrounding the 64-chequered space in Crystal of Time

  • Nirmanakaya.

4/ All 3 torii situated along The Divine Vajra that forms the axis of ‘The Magician’s Jewel represents all 3 fields (kayas) of existence in one

  • Svabhavikakaya.

Two crystals sit along the axis at each of the 3 torii, their bases facing each other and apexes pointing away from each other, forming a pattern of inner octahedron shapes.


Octahedrons inside the inner structure of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


Sitting between the base parts of the red and white tetrahedron shapes, this central torus flow contains the Secret and Heart Essence parts of the mechanism.


Central part of The Magician’s Jewel forming its Secret and Heart Essence Parts


Like a tailor made container for it, ‘The Divine Vajra’ fits into the 3-dimensional multi-space of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, Susan’s latest Photo Collage Art picture, third in the triptych of pictures in her Series II, that’s also a 2D rendition of what it would look like to see the inside of the frame of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, as well as that which descends to an apex within its mirror too.



‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’


In this way, it also describes and carries an additional meaning of ‘The Divine Vajra’.

The next stage of developing ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ involves building a small prototype of it that will include the mechanism of ‘The Divine Vajra’ within it. Please click here to get more information about this inside both the Events and Installations section of Susan’s UP ‘N’ COMING activities.

Disclaimer: What is mentioned above is a working hypothesis. Susan is not an expert per se in any of these fields, but has nevertheless done extensive research to interpret her vision of a working mechanism that now needs to be defined through dialogue with those who have professional knowledge of the relevant subjects required to safely and effectively build ‘The Magician’s Jewel’.

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