Crystal of Time

Originals are HANDMADE with a base of ply board covered with cloth, shapes of cloth covered cardboard laid out in order, with photos cut to size on top.

Size: 2.5ft x 7ft / 0.76m x 2.1m

Click here to see the image enlarged

Click here to see the image enlarged

Although the base of the picture displays an octave of harmonic resonance, golden mean ratio, fractality and Pythagoras’ Tetrad are also embedded into this first layer too. On the other hand, the golden and dark blue lines lying around the base shape express the process of transforming transverse/Hertzian waves into longitudinal/scalar waves, which makes ‘Crystal of Time’ into a description of a kind of capacitor, which although could be an external device of one or another type, is of course subjectively, our Mind or rather, consciousness. In this sense, Hertzian waves may be correlated with consciousness experiencing various mind states of ordinary human worldly existence within certain bands of frequency lower than the speed of light, whereas the longitudinal waves are consciousness experiencing aspects of Universal quality ‘beyond’ that, as properties of Light itself (wisdom, compassion, bliss, clarity…). In this sense, ‘Crystal of Time’ dynamically shows how we may transcend the ordinary thought process.

The theme of the pictures here are ‘Serpentine’ Beings, which matches the theme on sound, resonance and human subtle energies. In this case, there are photos of dragons, Nagas, snakes and other creatures considered as Naga Beings taken all over the world, particularly in China, South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand), India, Central and South America, plus even some ley lines and ancient stone circles in the UK, as well as Egypt and the Balkan region too.



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