Universal Osmosis

As an avid photographer, Susan Griffith-Jones has searched and shot ‘marvellous’ visions of places and people all over the globe. Combined with this love of the art of photography and through contemplation of the various techniques taught to her by her Spiritual Masters, over the years she has come to display the meanings of Universal Spiritual Truths in symbolic pictures, calling this kind of art, ‘Photo Collage Artwork’.

Many photos are carefully chosen within a certain theme, to express meanings within different geometrical shapes put together into designs that come to make up one whole shape of Sacred Geometrical significance.

Susan Griffith-Jones, author of Universal Osmosis, held an exhibition of her 5 photo collage art pieces in London, UK, in October-November 2016, which are included in this book:

1.  ‘Two Keys, One Lock’: first version 2005, second version 2007.

2.  ‘Pure Vision Transformed into Organised Confusion’: first version 2005, second version 2009, third version 2015.

3.  ‘Mirror of Space’, 2012

4.  ‘Rainbow Symphony’, 2014

5.  ‘Key of Life’, 2016

This book describes the inner meanings of each of these large symbolic pictures in detail, and the background story of how and why they were made at specific moments in Susan’s life.

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