The Magician’s Jewel

The Magician’s Jewel is a large 3-dimensional structure that has been designed as an exclusive exhibition piece to symbolise the entire process of the Vajrayana path (Diamond path) of Tibetan Buddhsim.

It also holds a 4-dimensional aspect, in both its reflected aspect within the circular mirror at its base, as well as a multi-dimensional inner visualisation perspective within its heart centre.

Computer generated impression of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ structure with envisaged floor plan

Computer generated image of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ without floor so that its reflection in the mirror is visible


Computer generated image of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ without floor and then floor attached so that its reflection is naturally hidden

Here, a large structure that interactively displays the Nature of Mind and its relationship with Appearance has been put together into one magnificent installation piece using the symbolic shapes and colours of the highest tantric yoga of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as an understanding of harmonic values of resonant frequencies and electrical engineering from various more modern philosophical and scientific schools.

The structure and its components have been built to awaken the subtle meaning in the beholder as he/she ascends the winding, spiral travelator through 12 viewing platforms, while immersively experiencing the process of existence displaying Birth, Life, Death, and in between through a lively, visual rendition of Bardo Thodol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) of the great Indian saint, Guru Padmasambhava in Augmented and Virtual reality digital displays taking place inside a carefully designed inner space at the very heart of this installation.


Computer generated image of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ being assembled piece by piece

The structure and floor plan around it contains all 8 explicit pieces of Susan, who has been making pictures and art installation pieces to symbolise and highlight aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism, since 2005. In recent years due to her work in Bosnia, she’s been expanding this knowledge into different areas including deepening her understanding of harmonics from scientific and philosophical angles to exploring the potential of electrical engineering.

The making of and meaning of each of these pieces of work is fully described in her 2 upcoming books, ‘Universal Osmosis’ and ‘Visions of Bosnia’ .

Due to her recent brush with engineering and harmonics, Susan has also designed the installation to be an active device, a machine that functions to ionise and hence re-balance the energy of the environment around it.

This process is especially required these days in our homes and in cities where harmful electrons pervading the space of our environment due to an excess of electrical items being used. These are thus neutralised and are instead transformed into negative ions, which on the other hand are extremely beneficial to the health of living beings.

Depending on the size of the structure of the installation, this effect may occur outwardly from the structure over a large distance, without causing any damage to electrical circuits or machines, instead cleaning up the electro-smog that is having a detrimental effect on the health of all living creatures.

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