The Magician’s Jewel



‘The Magician’s Jewel’ is a unique threefold combination of form (shape), sound (vibration) and charge (light). Comprising a surrounding park-style layout, its central structure that is positioned at its middle is large enough to allow participants to comfortably move around on, as well as within its inner chambers that are perfectly mirrored into the ground below it giving the impression of there being another whole space, which is nevertheless illusory.
Computer generated image of 'The Magician's Jewel', without floor attached

Computer generated image of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, without floor attached

 ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ installation structure assembling piece by piece


Computer generated image of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ being assembled piece by piece

Following the stage by stage process of existence that is described in ‘Bardo Thodol’ (The Tibetan Book of the Dead – TBOD) of the great Indian saint, Guru Padmasambhava and using Augmented and Virtual Reality to enhance the experience, participants meet challenges at each stage of its outer, inner and secret sections, passing through labyrinths and crossing hurdles, finally reaching a simulation of the very heart essence of our being at its centre.


Photo Collage and Installation Art within ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


Uniting within one installation piece, the various layers of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ are based on carefully measured shapes, angles and vibratory information included in:

Five Photo Collage Art pieces of Susan Griffith-Jones’ Series I:

  • ‘Two Keys, One Lock’
  • ‘Pure Vision, transformed into Organised Confusion’
  • ‘Mirror of Space’
  • ‘Rainbow Symphony’
  • ‘Key of Life’

Two Photo Collage Art pieces of Susan Griffith-Jones’ Series II:

  • ‘Crystal of Time’
  • ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’

One 3D Installation:

  • ‘The Circle of Immortality’

Certain aspects of each of these explicit designs carrying relevant information in symbolic form have been carefully combined into a fully immersive and interactive experience called ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ to strongly inspire, heartily impact and directly transmit universal laws to participants.


The Threefold Symmetry within ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


While directly experiencing myriad frequencies, their symbiotic relationship with appearance and resultant charge, when moving through ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, participants bask in a triple set of resonance designed to re-tune our natural biological energy system into a state of harmony and balance.

Acting in micro-resonance with all 3 layers of our physical body, subtle energy and consciousness and in macro-resonance with the environment surrounding us, here a symmetry of 9 octaves of harmonic resonance and 9 layers of mirror-image nested Platonic solids hold the energy of the structure in a way that allows a process of phase conjugate implosion of charge to occur at the heart of this installation, causing a reversal of entropy to occur.


Trefoil Knot

Like a trefoil knot holding perpetual spin, an infinite compression of these 3 layers of charge, sound and form self-perpetuates around a centre that contains an ultimate field of unified potential, the union of these 3 varying fields of energy, collated into one.


Summary of stages mentioned in Tibetan Book of the Dead


1/ Bardo of Life – the period of time between birth and meeting a cause that will lead to death that inside of it holds 2 other aspects:

  • Bardo of Sleep
  • Bardo of Meditation

2/ Bardo of Dying – the period of time it takes for the physical elements of the body and mental attributes to dissolve into…

3/ Bardo of Reality – the ground nature of mind

4/ Bardo of Becoming  – the period of time to take on the mental attributes and physical body until birth (reverse of Bardo of Dying)

Bringing you back in a circular way to

1/ Bardo of Life…


Rhythm of ‘Bardo Thodol’ (TBOD) within ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


‘The Magician’s Jewel’ = 1 whole keynote representing existence.

Operating within scale harmonics, three keynotes ‘open out’ into 3 octaves, having 7 notes each, the 8th of the preceding octave being the 1st of next.

Each of the 3 octaves has active, passive and neutral aspects, creating 9 octaves in total.

  • Bardo of Life is a keynote in which,
  • Bardo of Sleep is a scale of 7 + 1 of clear light
  • Bardo of Meditation is a keynote
  • Bardo of Dying is a scale (7 + 1 of clear light)
  • Bardo of Reality is a keynote (12 days = 12 semitones +1 of clear light = 13, (1 octave)
  • Bardo of Becoming is a scale (reverse of Bardo of Dying)
  • leading back to Bardo of Life as the keynote at the end of Bardo of Becoming


Rhythm of Bardo Thodol (TBOD)

Rhythm of Bardo Thodol (TBOD)


The 4 parts of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


An outer, inner, secret and heart essence section of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ make up its 4 sections.

Outer Layer:

  • The park that surrounds the central structure introduces the concept of the universal mathematical symbol Pi (22/7) and represents the Bardo of Life
  • A moving travelator, twisting around its central axis 12 times as an octave of harmonic resonance of semitones, represents the Bardo of Sleep.

Inner layer:

  • Pi is embedded into the inner tricolour structure, whose 22 sides of its shapes interact with 7 resounding notes of AUM, creating a framework of light and sound.
  • The 5 elements (form)/mental aspects (sound) spin (charge) clockwise at the base of the line of 8 crystals and central shape, forming the axis, whilst an AUM chamber sits at its top, representing the Bardo of Meditation.
  • ‘The Divine Vajra’, whose shape perfectly holds the traditional symbolism of a Tibetan master’s ritual Dorje/Vajra instrument, spans the central axis.
  • Interacting with other aspects of the structure, ‘The Divine Vajra’ creates a vertical Standing Columnar Wave with the carefully designed park surrounding the central structure forming a Solitron Wave horizontal grid.

Secret Layer:

  • Two Fibonacci spirals, one black representing the Bardo of Dying and one white representing the Bardo of Becoming respectively lead into and out of a dodeca-icosahedron shape, which is the central shape of the structure.
  • Augmented Reality digital displays in a game like format take place inside these 2 Fibonacci spirals.

Heart Essence Layer:

  • At the very heart of this installation is a carefully designed inner space in the shape of a dodeca-icoshedron, representing the Bardo of Reality.
  • Virtual Reality digital displays take place inside this central zone.


Top down view of the heart essence of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’

Top down view of the heart essence of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’


The Magician’s Jewel as a device


In addition to experiencing the process of existence through following the various stages mentioned in TBOD, as a whole, ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ is an active device.

Along with carefully designed aspects of light and sound, in order to produce the necessary effects to create a device of such capacity, the structure of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ is largely made of metals and precious stones that contain the highest levels of conductivity and piezoelectric capacity.

Naturally functioning through its carefully designed and angled pyramid shape that causes an interaction with the Earth’s own electrical field, clockwise and counter-clockwise movements of its internal shapes create 4 standing columnar waves (SCW), vortices that naturally restore balance to the Earth’s electromagnetic grid that is being disrupted by the increased use of electrical items and wifi in our age of technology.

These SCWs are then spread across its park like structure at a horizontal level via Solitron waves and connect to the whirling forms at its outermost reaches, so that the entire installation is ‘alive’.

In addition to this, a process of electrical phase conjugation imploding through carefully contrived shapes in spiral movements converging at a centre, creates neg-entropic life force energy that is exacerbated through the effect of an infinite fractal motion caused by the continual interaction of the different layers of compression of light, sound and form.

Thus returning a harmoniously conducive condition of extreme benefit for the bio-energetic structure of human and other living organisms, our Earth and the atmosphere, this device may cause biological life forms that come into contact with it to receive healing on multi-layers, as well as to re-ionise hundreds of miles of atmosphere around it.

Especially required in our homes and cities these days, where harmful waves of subtle energy pervade the space of our environment due to an excess of electrical items and Wifi being used, this huge device is designed to constantly clean up the electro-smog within a large radius of it that is currently so detrimental to the health of all biological creatures, without causing any damage to electrical circuits or machines.

Throughout the interactive sections that participants follow when traversing ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, they will be prompted to use focus of attention and encouraged to consciously move through varying states of existence according to TBOD. This may also cause implosive charge to spin to its centre thus converting harmful emotions into states of higher mental qualities, which will be measured with biofeedback technology attached to a headset.


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