An Installation:
…is a piece of art that has been created to entrance you with its physical shape, intrigue you with its oddity and majesty, and trigger you to ponder over whatever the structure brings you to consciously recall, in a free flow manner.
To ultimately discover the truth of its abstract puzzles held within its very shape, you need to stand before it, walk around it and observe the messages it’s whispering to you from different perspectives, other than your own dimensional spaces.
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Circle of Immortality device

‘Circle of Immortality’ device (2019)

'Circle of Immortality' Device Circle of Immortality art piece Circle of Immortality art piece The ‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art ...
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The Divine Vajra

‘The Divine Vajra’ (2021)

The ‘Crystal of Time’ photo collage art piece was created by Susan Griffith-Jones in 2019. Crystal of Time As a ...
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‘The Magician’s Jewel’ (2021)

Introduction After completing the first ‘Visions of Bosnia’ movie, Susan, in a flash of inspiration saw that all of her Photo Collage ...
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