‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’

‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’

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Originals are HANDMADE with a base of ply board covered with cloth, shapes of cloth covered cardboard laid out in order, with photos cut to size on top.

Size: Diameter (6ft / 1.82m)

‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ is the central golden circle of ‘Crystal of Time’, the first picture in Series II of Susan’s Photo Collage Art pieces, now magnified and expressing its inner workings.

‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’
‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ is the central golden circle of ‘Crystal of Time’, the first picture in Series II of Susan’s Photo Collage Art pieces, now magnified and expressing its inner workings.
’Crystal of Time’

These two pictures are embedded into the structure of Susan’s new movie on Bosnia, which is still in a first draft format, but may be viewed at:


This is an example of another of her artistic genres of work, ‘Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking’, where she constructs shapes into whole pictures that have been carefully designed to emanate both a holistic meaning, as well as their actual refraction of light as beneficial harmonic frequencies, which are then carefully reproduced and embedded into the structure of the movie using the skilful methods offered by the process of filmmaking (visuals, music, narration and timing) in order to transmit those same beneficial frequencies directly to the viewer.

Finally, these pictures have been measured and tested by Dr Ibrahim Karim, founder of the tradition of Biogeometry, who advised minor adjustments and subsequently endorsed them both individually and collectively, as holding an energetic value similar to that found at sacred power spots.

Susan gives a talk on ‘Kaleidoscopic Filmmaking’ and exactly how she embedded these two pictures into the Bosnian movie at:


Description of Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity

Here, in ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ there are 12 principal blue ringed circles placed where the numbers on a clock go, with 12 smaller, yellow ringed circles placed on top of each of the blue ringed circles, again where the numbers on a clock go. (these are NOT the double blue ringed circles that sit on the crossed lines, which form another aspect of the picture – see below*)

Each of these 12 principal ringed circles emanates 9 times in golden ratio harmonic increments, inwardly 4 times (ie getting smaller and smaller; green, red, white, yellow) and outwardly 4 times (getting larger and larger; green, red, white, yellow), the larger yellow ring forming the rim of the entire circle. As most of the emanating circles from each of the 12 principal ones end up crossing each other, it appears as a complicated jungle of different sized circles, whereas it is actually quite a simple mandala of ripples of vibration !

Then there are 4 more layers, the smallest of all, which are represented by the photos on top of each of the 4 coloured ringed circles, making 13 layers or dimensions, in total.

'Each of the 12 principal circles emanating 9 times in golden ration intervals, plus 4 additional dimensions expressed by the photos, in continuing golden ratio intervals'

Each of the 12 principal circles emanating 9 times in golden ration intervals, plus 4 additional dimensions expressed by the photos, in continuing golden ratio intervals

In order from smallest to largest size, in golden ratio increments (ie. each item is 1.618 times the size of the preceding one)

1. 12 x Blue photos on each of the small Yellow rings
2. 12 x Green photos on each of the small White rings
3. 12 x Red photos on each of the small Red rings
4. 12 x White photos on each of the small Green rings

5. 12 x small Yellow rings
6. 12 x small White rings
7. 12 x small Red rings
8. 12 x small Green rings
9. 12 x Blue rings

10. 1 x large Green ring
11. 1 x large Red ring
12. 1 x large White ring
13. 1 x large Yellow ring

There are 5 colours, of which the principal colour is blue. In the ‘highest’ yogic tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, blue represents both the element of space and fully-fledged consciousness in terms of Relative existence and a mirror-like quality of wisdom in terms of an Absolute state.

‘Diamond Lens’ refers to our ‘Indestructible Source’. ‘Diamond’ is the strongest type of Crystal and is unique in that it requires itself, to cut itself. ‘Lens’ refers to our perspective, our way of seeing things, so ‘Diamond Lens’ is another way of saying ‘Indestructible Awareness’, which refers to the Absolute condition from which everything occurs, our beginning less source light of being.

‘Doorway to Infinity’ is the process of expression of that source light of being into myriad forms of manifestation, ad infinito. Relating to the very initial stages of the bursting of clear, uncoloured light into its first 5 colours, through sound vibration (in golden ratio harmonics), which creates tunnels of expanding light causing Space, that solidify through the process of the other 4 elements (female) and aggregates of the mind (male) dancing together in a kind of feedback loop, 2 polarities conjoin to form the illusion of a solid appearance, becoming an entire Relative physical reality that we perceive around us.

Our individual perceptive state of awareness perceives its own bent of reality, until it finally comes to realise its pure state of clear light source once again. ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to infinity’ describes this endless process of being at source as well as the simultaneous creation and perception of relative appearance through the emanation of the 5 lights from its source in this way, not negating the manifest world that is being perceived, albeit illusory, but necessarily aligning its Relative and Absolute truths in a balance of being.

*There are also 12 lines criss-crossing the picture in ratios of harmonic 5ths. Connecting these crossings to a centre produced by the 12 double circles brings in the balancing energy quality that manifests in the emission. Like the belt of a motor in a car that causes multiple peripheral devices to drive the vehicle into motion, each line curves around each of the 12 principal circles in the position of the numbers on a clock, representing our perception that is driving these vibrations into motion, causing the illusion of a solid reality appearing around us. Many shapes are also created by the crossing of these lines.

When perception dissolves back into its state of pure ‘Indestructible Awareness’, then everything is seen through the Absolute view of the ‘Diamond Lens’, which nevertheless may also simultaneously perceive the truth of the Relative existing manifest world.

A series of presentations on ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’:

In a series of power point presentations from February to April 2020, to a Biogeometry group in San Francisco, Susan describes in chronological order how ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ emerged out of her work ‘Crystal of Time’ https://www.pyramidkey.com/crystal-of-time/ and how she subsequently embedded it, along with ‘Crystal of Time’ into the timeline of the first draft of a movie about the Pyramid Complex in Bosnia, here above.

The process of ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ emerging and subsequently being embedded into the movie on Bosnia are discussed in the following presentations:

1. ‘Visions of Bosnia 4’ that may be seen at: https://youtu.be/Vrqhf7ICfWI

Synopsis of Slides 31-40:

Finding some crucial information about circles and lines in ‘The Living Pyramid’, putting that together with information already embedded in ‘Crystal of Time’, thinking how to put the circles together, making the base of the picture – working title ‘Indestructible Drop, Doorway to Infinity’, E8 and quasicrystals.

2. ‘Visions of Bosnia 5’ that may be seen at: https://youtu.be/v2f4P8a0yS0


A previous layout for the Bosnian Movie, emerging cycle of perception into material substance and subsequent dissolution,

Time pulse, wave interference, spin and anti-spin, phase conjugation, 9 layers of elements and mental attributes,

The Caduceus, Pyramid Energy, Tachion Energy, The Kybalion – the secret book of Hermetic Philosophy, 7 laws of the Hermetica, Orgone Energy,

Relationship between Icosahedron and Dodecahedron, 432Hz cycle, 2D and 3D solids, Factor 9 grid, Fibonacci sequence,

Layout for the Bosnian movie: pertinent numbers, making symbols for each aspect of the ‘Crystal of Time’ picture, creating section layouts with the symbols, giving them a coherent order, timing of visuals, 2 Fibonacci spirals for the music layout, timing of music, synopsis of intended layout for Bosnian movie.

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