Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity

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Originals are HANDMADE with a base of ply board covered with cloth, shapes of cloth covered cardboard laid out in order, with photos cut to size on top.

Size: Width and length at largest parts (4ft 6”/1.37m)


Susan’s latest Photo Collage Art piece, ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is the third in her triptych of Series II Photo Collage Art pieces that also includes ‘Crystal of Time’ and ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’.


Chakana Cross

Chakana Cross


The initial shape and highly potentised symbol for Susan to enter into discovering and unfolding this third picture of Series II of her Photo Collage Art and that which forms the base of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is the ancient Universal symbol of the Chakana ‘cross’ that today may still be found in the art, textiles and religious buildings of both Andean and Himalayan plateaus and valleys, alike.

All the photos depicted here in ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ contain 2D pictures of the Chakana in varying colours and designs, as a Circle piercing a Square that sits upon a uniform Cross shape, which in 3D may be imagined as cubes upon cubes upon cubes.

Although it took several years to unravel the meaning of the symbol, ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ came about in the most spontaneous and uncontrived way for Susan. While being largely guided by intuition and an inner thought process that she was ‘translating’ into movements within her own life, she was finally able to knit together the meaning of the words,


“Puma Punku Puti”


that were whispered to her in the ancient Quechuan language during a meditation retreat using the Hemi-sync binaural techniques of the Monroe Institute (Virginia, USA), when during a free flow session she specifically asked for help in unravelling the mystery of why she was again and again feeling a strong call to go to Peru and Bolivia in South America.

Finding out later that these words translate in English to:


“Key (and Lock) to the Gate of the Cougar”


we may see that ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is like a mould within which a ‘Key’ – the installation device of ‘The Divine Vajra’ (the 3D version of Crystal of Time) that contains the ‘Gate’ – the infinite toroidal fractal field of ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’, fits perfectly into its own lock, ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, thus releasing the ‘Cougar’ – a Standing Columnar Wave more commonly known as a Longitudinal Compressional Scalar Wave that occurs when this configuration is met, the Cougar being the spirit animal or rather ‘energy’ that guards the inter-dimensional portals of Mind traversing multi-dimensional space in the ancient Andean tradition.

An interesting aside here is that it took much effort during 2 trips to South America to find the English equivalent of the word, ‘Puti’ that several eminent scholars of the local Andean and Lake Titicaca area where they speak the Quechuan and Aymaran languages respectively, had simply never heard of, nor had any clue what it may mean!

And so it happened that Susan was only able to find out the correct translation of ‘Puti’ when she visited the Q’eros community, who live in a prominent valley located at the watershed plateau between the Andes and Amazon rainforest in Peru, where they still live in a manner that reflects the mores of a very ancient Andean culture.

Here a Paco (Shaman) showed her an old wooden combined ‘key and lock’ in one of their village homes that in their specific dialect they call ‘Puti’.


A lock containing its own key, ‘Puti’


In the context of The Magician’s Jewel’ installation piece

The Magician’s Jewel


It is pertinent that this ‘Puti’ should represent a kind of lock that contains its own key, as it is hypothesised that the energy ‘of the Cougar’ may be released when ‘The Divine Vajra’ (the Key containing the Gate) and ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ (the Lock) as the frame of her 3D installation piece, The Magician’s Jewel’ into which it fits, come together in union as a combined ‘key, gate and lock’, causing the effect of a Standing Columnar, Longitudinal Scalar Wave to occur.



Inside ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ installation, we see that whereas in their 3D aspects ‘Crystal of Time’ and ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ form its axis and inner mechanism as ‘The Divine Vajra’, ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is a 2D rendition of what it would look like to stand inside the 4-sided pyramidal shaped frame and look up at the inside part of the outer shell of its central structure, as well as down into its mirrored reflection.

With many interlocking sections that fit them precisely together, in this way ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is like a mould that accepts the exact shape of ‘The Divine Vajra’ as the metaphorical key of the inner mechanism of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ that will activate the device aspect of this installation piece.

To test this hypothesis, Susan is now in the process of deciding how to build a prototype of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ at a workshop Event in the Bay Area, California.


Formation of Tunnel Vision Eye of Eternity


‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, with and without seal


For some time, the whole picture (above left) was dominated by an obvious vortex leading from circumference to centre.

Yet, Susan was continuously playing with the idea of adding the seal of 4 golden arcs over its surface and eventually decided that it was a necessary addition to the final version of the picture, as not only does the seal force us to look beyond the surface, but without its addition we seem to just fall into the vortex without warning!

Like this, to reach the heart essence state and ultimate meaning of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, we must place our vision beyond this seal of the 4 golden arcs. Crossing the event horizon, then traversing the multi-dimensional Space by focussing on the blue dot at the centre, we may easily see a tunnel appear that’s bridged by 4 sets of 5 perfectly configurated steps traversing the dangerous passageway of the vortex, allowing easy passage from circumference to the centre.


steps to centre of TV
One arm of ‘steps’ in ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’


Here, the golden arcs of the seal display another dimension of potential circles and spheres that would extend to a larger area outside of this harmonic display of interacting lenses, chords and octaves of resonance.

But there’s more to the intersecting lines than just a display of different shapes, as these are actually wave interference occurring here, causing both tones of sound, as well as simultaneous sparks of light to appear upon the fabric of Relative Space, potential pixels that are being held in place by the vibration of the tone that tethers it to its inherent lifeforce, out of, or rather within which, it is has temporarily appeared.

And the flat surfaces of the ‘cubes’ that we see so prominently etched into the 2D picture of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, provide it with both the stability to hold its shape, as well as the capacity to mirror the effects of the multiple lenses that are forming here through waves interfering with each other, arcs of circles crossing and affecting each other’s capacity to refract the light through compression of themselves into any type of solid, multi-coloured form existing as octaves of resonance, forming multiple dimensional states in both gross and subtle ways.

In this way, as lenses cause prisms of light to become colours through their angular relation to the object of refraction, multiple octaves arise from Source and patterns of all types of solidity, liquidity and gaseous forms occur.


Eye of Eternity

But in order to see the special, more hidden eyes of this picture, meaning not those that are Vesica Pisces surrounded by golden lines, but inherent to the picture due to the swirl of the intersection clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals moving from centre to circumference, we must allow our gaze to fall across the whole horizontal and vertical axes of the picture.


Once we can focus on this shape in both of these directions, other dimensions will open up to the viewer too.


100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities


The inner section of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ resembles a ‘Double Vajra’ that is a significant shape in the Tibetan Vajrayana (Diamond Path) Buddhist tradition. Signifying stability, it is also said to be positioned under the foundation of Mount Meru, the central axis of the entire universal system in Tibetan Buddhism, and is in a sense, what ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ also represents.

In the case of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, here we see the number 5 repeated again and again; 4 steps representing the 4 elements upon the 1 root of their fifth of Space = 5 elements, in 5 colours, 5 of them per wing making 25, x 4 arms coming from the centre = 100.

Passing layers of its own fractality through penetrating the very fabric of itself, these 100 steps on all 4 sides are like lily pads allowing passage to Source upon a pathway that traverses its own multi-layers of Space and more succinctly represent the 100 Peaceful and Wrathful deities expressed in the ‘Bardo of Reality’ of ‘Bardo Thodol’, more commonly known as ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

This most important text of Tibetan Vajrayana (Diamond Path) Buddhism that describes both the passage of Existence, as well as at a more subtle level a detailed profile of how our day-to-day Consciousness functions, is also the trajectory that participants will follow through the envisioned installation device of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ that will take us through each of the ‘Bardos’ of the Bardo Thodol in consecutive order, as we traverse its outer, inner and secret pathways.

As the gears within the control room of existence, these 100 Archetypes emerging from its natural Source are the purified roots of our Sensations, Time, the Elements of physicality and Mental types, and can here be seen spanning the heights and depths of 9 octaves of harmonic resonance (= 64 whole tones or 108 semi-tones), each fractals of one whole Keynote that divides and subdivides again and again to infinity.


The Inner Process

However, the process that is dynamically embedded into the very fabric of ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’ is the conversion of sinusoidal waves of the Hertzian, Transverse electro-magnetic spectrum that move up and down in a snakelike fashion upon at least 2 axes, into Longitudinal ones that operate as a pulsation beyond the Speed of Light, and is what is hypothesised to occur once ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ is properly up and running.

As far as our Consciousness is concerned, we may correlate the Hertzian Transverse waves to our 5 most prominent ‘lower’ emotional states; Anger, Jealousy, Desire, Pride and Ignorance.

When these arise they take Time and Effort to process, to get from A to B and eventually diffuse at Z, meeting different speeds of reaction due to their different pace of motion, as well as the corresponding actions of such, creating further automatic reactions, each holding their dominant characteristic of emotion and positioning, banging and bashing into each other, thus intertwining with other waves of varying angles that capture each other and kaleidoscopically produce places of interference that mark their meetings in Time and Space with ripples of reverberation spreading out from them into the whole of Existence, affecting everything that arises, everywhere, causing an entire material realm to appear.

Yet, as Transverse waves move to centre, turning 10 times (9 turns and central point = 10) upon a precisely angled conical vortex from 5 points on its exterior, both in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction from each of those 5 points, 100 node points must be crossed in the process and it’s this layer by layer meeting of its own inherent places of interference patterns that not only describes how we may mentally transcend the ordinary thought process (Hertzian transverse waves) and subsequently infuse our Minds and hence, the resulting appearance around us with our own Universal Qualities, but also defines the passageway these waveforms must ride to a central point where they will change their type of wave form and become a Longitudinal Compressional Scalar wave that may pulsate everywhere, immediately throughout its own ‘level’ of being.

This route through the path of Space in which Consciousness experiences its potential as various, ordinary states of mind operating within certain bandwidths of frequency lower than the Speed of Light is, however, not a linear path, but requires Consciousness to become a perfect cascade of Golden Ratio harmonics to cause it to bypass the multiple nuances of Relative existence and view its environment in an all-pervasive manner.

Correspondingly, with a suitable device we may measure our brain waves as a ‘correctly’ patterned order of harmonics cascading with a pattern of Golden Ratio when this occurs.

Thus carving a perfect pathway to centre, reaching every type of receptacle of sentient mind on the way through the vortex that is simultaneously compressing into materiality in its clockwise direction and expanding back into its natural source state in its opposite, counter-clockwise direction, this perfect container of ‘The Divine Vajra’ as ‘Tunnel Vision, Eye of Eternity’, describes the journey of Consciousness to beyond the Relative Space of existence and its linearity, to a place of Transcendence where the Pure Awareness of Consciousness may access everything spontaneously.

Reaching the highest human potential in an immediate fashion through instantly becoming a Longitudinal Compressional Scalar Wave, we may thus revisit the environment around us with a ‘new’ lens of perspective that naturally contains its inherent qualities of Wisdom, Compassion, Bliss, Clarity, etc… manifesting instantly without any effort, movement or time factor and appear everywhere, immediately, benefitting everything and everyone within its confrontation.

Now Consciousness IS in its original state, yet operating as an authentic human version of itself as a vastly spanning pulsation faster than the Speed of Light.


Disclaimer: What is mentioned above is a working hypothesis. Susan is not an expert per se in any of these fields, but has nevertheless done extensive research to interpret her vision of a working mechanism that now needs to be defined through dialogue with those who have professional knowledge of the relevant subjects required to safely and effectively build The Magician’s Jewel’.

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