Where we are now

Flashes of insight that have come to Susan, coupled with suggestions from others who’ve seen her Photo Collage Art and 3D installations over the years, have resulted in her writing down a stream of hypotheses that are continually being updated and tested under varying auspices.

Yet rather than being content with keeping these on paper, she has begun to develop some of her 3D installations and combined Photo Collage Art pieces into hypothetical working models of potential devices.

Currently still in the process of being ‘discovered’ in terms of understanding what their fully functioning potential is, the ‘Conscious Installation Devices’ that she’s worked on so far are:


‘Circle of Immortality’ Device


‘Crystal of Time’ becomes ‘The Divine Vajra’


‘The Magician’s Jewel’


In order to produce functioning prototypes of these devices, Susan is now engaging with experts in various fields, spanning subjects from Universal Harmonics, Sound technology, Light – laser, optics, mirrors, Electrical engineering, Standing Columnar waves/Solitron waves, Hertzian to Longitudinal wave shift implosion physics, piezoelectricity, Vortices, Magnetism, Biogeometry, Metals, Crystals, Augmented Reality programming and software, Virtual Reality cinematographic development, neuroscience, EEG, Movement, Native American Indian dances, medicine wheels, exterior layout design, interior layout design, Sacred Geometry, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Lucid dreaming, Plato’s 5 element shapes and more !


“The world arises when it is believed into appearance, the mirror that never tells a tale…”


‘Conscious Installation Device’ (CID)

Although this section of has been given the generic title of ‘Installations’, CID are basically Installation and Art pieces that double up as ‘Devices’ that have a 3-dimensional physical form.

However, the genre of CID takes this further and to bring more clarity to its definition, the meaning of each of the words, ‘Conscious’, ‘Installation’ and ‘Device’, with the sense they are meant to carry are explained here as follows:



Consciousness is the most essential component of a CID, the very spice that causes it to magnetise multitudes to behold it, cause multiple questions to arise in their minds and finally to have the power to subtly awaken expanded levels of Consciousness within those observers.

Infused into the Installation Device by its makers, Consciousness is the driving force behind the ability of the device to dictate to its handlers where it needs to go in order to meet the kind of audience it needs to interact with, expose itself in accordance with its natural laws, offer its embedded message to whomever hears it and reflect its meaning and purpose into the mind of all those who interact with it.



An Installation is a piece of art that has been created to entrance you with its physical shape, intrigue you with its oddity and majesty, and trigger you to ponder over whatever the structure causes you to consciously bring to mind in a free-flowing manner.

But to hear the cryptic messages held within its very shape, you need to stand before it, walk around it and freeing your mind of pre-conceptions as to what it may be, become the mirror within which it may reflect its meaning, allowing yourself to observe what it whispers to you from perspectives other than your own, thus giving you new angles to reflect on.



A device is a machine that has the capacity to perform a function that creates a result, something that affects the people with whom it comes into contact with, on multiple levels.

Its mere presence may also change the pattern of energy of the gross and subtle space in its environs that will in turn affect any biological entity passing through that place and potentially reach out far and wide in the greater region around where it is being housed.


“It is human nature to nurture one another. This is the Consciousness that will empower the material world….”



Yet these devices are not just designed to be working machines that you plug in at the wall and then turn on to perform a function, but are meant to interact with various human qualities, especially in terms of our capacity to employ movement, create sound and be conscious, tools that are the very mechanisms being envisioned as ways to actually operate the devices.

However, it should be immediately clarified that the possibility of Human Consciousness playing a part in the functioning and performance of the designated tasks of any of these devices does NOT mean that CID are Artificial Intelligence machines that you can actively communicate with or programme in some way to intelligibly hold discourse with you in the manner of robots.

The idea is that they are developed in a way that the Human Consciousness beholding them becomes, in a sense, an extension of the device, a mouthpiece through which it may declare its truth that’s embedded within its multi-faceted composition, built into it as a whole of many parts, an attribute that makes Human Consciousness the principal key in how the device appears in this world, is subsequently operated and potentially animated.

A device of this nature is, of course, functioning on multiple levels and just because it’s manifesting on the material plane, does not mean it loses its connection to other more subtle levels of Consciousness. This is largely because Consciousness itself is what defines the framework of multi-dimensional realities, as well as containing its own natural properties that are radiating out into any given space so that the CID may emerge in its fullest capacity, as it is energetically designed to do.

In an optimal sense, if a human interacting with the machine would be able to consciously still his or her mind to the extent that it holds the qualities of a mirror, that person may then be able to receive both its inherent truths that exist in its most subtle dimensions, as well as that which was intentionally decoded and subsequently embedded into the piece by its human creators, into his or her own mind.

In this way, the Consciousness of the device itself has been brought into manifestation as an interpretation of the very core ideas of the installation and actively manifests in the design of its structure, inside its very shapes, mirrors, sounds, light, movement etc… that perfectly hold its whole meaning, purpose and message within their intertwined composition.

This expansion of an intended idea of Consciousness into a physical length, width and breadth of a whole physical shape is indeed its incarnation as form appearing within the space of its own conscious resonance, the design within which it invites its own properties to combine together to play its inherent tune.

Now the very substance of Consciousness has passed through an infinite range of harmonics from the most subtle realms, to manifest itself on the physical plane as multi-channels of form, culminating in a working device that is nevertheless both completely infused with the energy of Source that it remains absolutely connected to, the ultimate state that may through resonance, be transposed into the mind of the beholder.

In this way, CID is primarily a vessel to hold the conscious energy of those who define it, behold it and interact with it, an external device that essentially mirrors the human psyche, channelling what it inherently is from its primordial state as a mere idea in potential, into practical terms as a functional device to perform some role within the material realm.

Energy that is balanced, centred and completely embedded within the very structure of the Conscious Installation Device, also extends itself to ‘hold the space’ of the environment around it, keeping its inherent qualities in balance within that place and being of energetic benefit for any biological being that passes through it.


“A life of purpose within the physical realm is the perfect result”


The Human Being as a ‘Conscious Installation Device’

The most perfect ‘Conscious Installation Device’ is the human being, whose bodily machine perfectly and naturally connects to all levels of Consciousness, spanning from nothing to the furthest reaches of multiplicity, in infinity.

Absolutely everything that exists is available to our physical, mental and spiritual senses that are coiled up one within the other, yet appear only when their inherent micro/macro reflective qualities are spotlighted by the clear light field of our own Consciousness focussing in on it.

Once we open that multi-dimensional passageway and invite Source energy to flow through the energy portals of our material bodies and out into the physical world around us, we humans are the most efficient of all ‘devices’ to transform the environment around us.

Radiating different frequencies of moods from our Consciousness into the energy of the space around us, infecting it with the wave vibration we’re personally oscillating at, we may choose to use our own qualities spanning the spectrum of rainbow colours and harmonies to actively purify the space and create a beneficial environment for all biological life to thrive in.

Thus utilising the subtle tools of our own system, we may develop our capacity to heal the environment we pass through, using Source energy to balance and centre whatever we come into contact with, while consciously having access to the entire range of levels of multi-dimensional existence that is ever present within our own Consciousness.

Subsequently defying the laws of the 3D framework of the material world to travel at will through time and space, we may continuously perform the function of healing and restoring life force to everything and everyone we come into contact with, wherever we go, cleansing and invigorating the environment, even for miles around us.

The ultimate tool of a Conscious Installation Device is thus the human mind fully tuned into its various sheathes that knows how to work intelligently together with each of its own parts and act as a conduit to operate the various parts of the machine, as both its creator and mechanic.


“The infinite potential of all the multi-dimensional facets of appearance to come into physical being, may be achieved by a fully switched-on human being”