Flashes of insight that have come to Susan, coupled with suggestions from others, who’ve seen her photo collage art pieces and 3D installations over the years, have resulted in her continuously writing down a stream of hypotheses that are continually being tested.

Yet rather than keeping all of these on paper, she’s now started the actual process of developing some of her 3D installations and Photo Collage Art pieces into working models of devices.

The ones she’s developed so far are:

‘Circle of Immortality’ Device

‘The Divine Vajra’

‘The Magician’s Jewel’

Although this section of is being developed under the generic title of ‘Installations’, here Susan is referring to Art Installation pieces that double up as ‘Devices’ that interact with ‘Consciousness’ while performing their tasks.

This does NOT mean that they are objects of Artificial Intelligence, but means that the Human Consciousness that is beholding them must consciously be able to still his or her mind to the extent that it holds the qualities of a mirror, so that this person may then reflect into their mind what was embedded into the piece firstly by the Consciousness of the person who made the device and secondly, by the consciousness of the device itself that has its own atomic structure, each cell of which contains Consciousness.

Becoming, in a sense, an extension of it, the Human Consciousness beholding it now becomes a mouthpiece through which the device may declare its embedded truth held within the installation of shapes that make it into a whole of many parts.

To bring more clarity to this, it’s important to create a definition of the meaning of each of the words, ‘Conscious’, ‘Installation’ and ‘Devices’, with the sense they are meant to carry here.



Any Installation Device is intricately embedded with Consciousness that has been infused into it by its maker. And Consciousness is its essential component, the very spice that causes ‘intrigue’ and ‘entrancement’ to shine upon whomever may behold it and have the power to awaken expanded levels of consciousness in the observer.

Consciousness that has been infused into the device is the driving force for it to reflect its purpose into the mind of its operator, to dictate the place it needs to be positioned at, where it may act according to its natural law so as to be able to offer its embedded message.

Energy that is balanced, centred and completely embedded within the Conscious Installation Device, holds the space of the environment around it, keeping its qualities within that place, to be of energetic benefit for any consciousness that passes through that space.



An Installation is a piece of art that has been created to entrance you with its physical shape, intrigue you with its oddity and majesty, and trigger you to ponder over whatever the structure brings you to consciously recall, in a free-flowing manner.

To ultimately hear the cryptic messages held within its very shape, you need to stand before it, walk around it and freeing your mind of pre-conceptions as to what it may be to become the mirror within which it may reflect its meaning, allow yourself to observe what it whispers to you from perspectives other than your own, thus giving you new angles to reflect on.



A device is a machine that has the capacity to perform a function that creates a result, such as a physical material item.

The presence of this device in the space may also change the pattern of energy of the gross and subtle space in its environs that may affect any type of Consciousness passing through that space.


Conscious Installation Device (CID)

Visually speaking, a CID has a 3D physical form.

This expansion of an intended idea of Consciousness into a physical length, width and breadth of a design is indeed its own form aspect appearing within the space of its own conscious resonance, within which it invites its own properties to dance together to the tune it inherently plays, to become a whole physical shape.

In this way, it becomes a vessel to hold conscious energy that in practical terms, is a device to channel Consciousness to be able to perform some function within the material realm.

While performing functions within the space it occupies, a device of this nature does not lose its connection to any level of Consciousness, because Consciousness is what defines the framework of the multi-dimensional realities that are radiating multiple scenes with conscious beings within them, as form aspects.

That may sound paradoxical, but it isn’t at all. The 3-dimensional solid reality in which we exist, manifests temporarily through a transmutation of the 5 elements; fire within the solid (Earth), liquid (Water) and gaseous (Air) within the 3D structure of Space, that continuously evolve their states, manipulating the bending and refracting of light into matter according to the input of Consciousness into the equation.

As the inevitable change occurs to the state of each thing arising within the physical realm, radiating as it does to its fullest capacity, after which it must flow back along an equal and opposite pull from gravitation, to eventually dissolve back into Consciousness itself, various sceneries with material objects inside of it evolving into other sceneries, according to the input of the collective Conscious frequency.

External devices are essentially mirrors of the human psyche, doing jobs for us that we could also do if we switched on our minds to their full capacities, yet reminding us of parts of our Consciousness that we do not usually bother with, that need to be switched on.

These are the subtle tools of our own systems that may perform the function of healing and restoring life force to everything and everyone it comes into contact with, wherever it goes, cleansing and invigorating the environment, even for miles around it as it remains in one place.


“A life of purpose within the physical realm is the perfect result for
shapes, colours, tones and perspectives enmeshed together within their
own multi-dimensional facets of physical appearance.”


The Human Being as a ‘Conscious Installation Device’

The most perfect ‘Conscious Installation Device’ is the human being, whose bodily machine perfectly and naturally connects to all levels of Consciousness, spanning from infinity to the furthest reaches of multiplicity.

Absolutely everything that exists is available to our physical, mental and spiritual senses that are coiled up one within the other, yet appears only when their inherent micro/macro reflective qualities are spotlighted when the clear light field of our own consciousness is focussed upon that point in space.

We humans are also the most efficient of all ‘devices’ to transform the environment around us, as we radiate different frequencies of moods from our consciousness into the energy of the space around us, infecting it with the vibration we’re oscillating at!

Once we open that multi-dimensional passageway and invite Source energy to flow through the energy portals of our material bodies and out into the physical world around us, as qualities spanning the spectrum of rainbow colours and harmonies that may purify the space and create a beneficial environment for biological life to thrive in.

We develop our capacity to heal using Source energy to balance and centre whatever we come into contact with, by consciously holding a multi-dimensional existence, we may subsequently defy the laws of the 3D framework of the material world to travel through time and space.

The ultimate Conscious Installation Device is the human mind fully tuned into its various sheathes that knows how to work intelligently together with each of its own parts.


“It is human nature to nurture one another. This is the
Consciousness that will empower the material world….”


‘Conscious Installation Devices’ that have been developed to date are:

‘Circle of Immortality’ Device

‘Crystal of Time’ becomes ‘The Divine Vajra’

‘The Magician’s Jewel’

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