An Installation:

…is a piece of art that has been created to entrance you with its physical shape, intrigue you with its oddity and majesty, and trigger you to ponder over whatever the structure brings you to consciously recall, in a free flow manner.

To ultimately discover the truth of its abstract puzzles held within its very shape, you need to stand before it, walk around it and observe the messages it’s whispering to you from different perspectives, other than your own dimensional spaces.


A Device:

…is a machine that has the capacity to perform a function and the power to change the state of the pattern of energy of the gross and subtle environment around it.

… may also affect Consciousness passing through that space.


An Installation Device:

…is an amalgamation of the qualities of an Installation and a Device, but not as intricate as that which has an exchange with Consciousness.



… is intricately embedded into the process of manifestation of an Installation Device and is the very spice that causes ‘intrigue’ and ‘entrancement’ to shine back upon its observer, as well as the driving force to understand its place within the vast scale of things.

A balanced and centred Consciousness holds the space of the environment around it, circulating its qualities within it, for the benefit of all who pass through it.


The ‘Conscious Installation Device’

Although this section of my website is entitled, ‘Installations’, here I am really referring to Installation pieces that double up as ‘Devices’ and ultimately those that may work more profoundly because they interact with ‘Consciousness’, and in a sense are an extension of it.

Each multi-layer of reality is available to our physical, mental and spiritual senses that are coiled up one within the other, appearing only when their inherent micro/macro reflective qualities are spotlighted when our clear light field of our consciousness is within attention or focus.

Visually speaking, a Conscious Installation Device is held together in a 3D shape. This expansion of consciousness into a physical length, width and breadth of an installation design is a form of its own space within which it may invite its own properties to dance together to a tune that drives itself into a device.

A device of this nature will perform functions within that space that nevertheless use the greater framework of the multi-dimensional realities they are inherently connected to.

That may sound paradoxical, but it isn’t at all. The 3-dimensional reality in which we exist provides coordinates for each possible multi-dimensional state to actually appear within, because it’s within the transmutation performed by fire within the solid, liquid and gaseous 3D structure of space, that the bending and refracting of light into matter takes place.


“A life of purpose within the physical realm is a perfect outlet for shapes, colours and perspectives enmeshed together within their own multi-dimensional facets.”


Current Plans

Ideas that I’ve received over the years from others about the several pieces I’ve already made, as well as flashes of my own insight, which tend to hold hypotheses that are always in testing mode, I am currently in the actual process of developing some of my 3D installation pieces and Photo Collage Art pieces into working models of devices.


Developing ‘The Circle of Immortality’ art piece (built in 2006) into a device (Sept 2021)

Although I did not set out to make a device that would have some sort of energetic function, one of my first pieces of this type of work is the ‘Circle of Immortality’, an installation art piece that I made in 2006.

Here in the ‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece you see that the two spirals, which by virtue of the mirror appear like one, are seemingly moving in opposite directions; one of them pointing to an apex at its topmost point that is turning anti-clockwise, the other to its bottommost point, turning clockwise.

'The Circle of Immortality’ art piece

‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece

It was then more recently while making ‘Crystal of Time’ photo collage art piece that I had a moment of epiphany when I realised that ‘The Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece may in itself be a device.

While I was investigating how to draw a golden spiral and finding out how this is the only angle of shape that self-refers itself to infinity – meaning that it is an infinite fractal field, I fell upon some key information about how to convert ordinary transverse Hertzian electrical waves into longitudinal compressional waves.

I found out that the conversion of transverse electrical waves happens when ordinary Hertzian waves weave in golden mean proportions along 2 vortices with angles of 60 degrees, facing each other, meeting where their apexes join in the centre, where they become a longitudinal, compressional wave, a pulse reaching everywhere, immediately.

It then came to me that I could potentially use 2 of the ‘Circle of Immortality’ structures as the vortices to do this.

I would have to place the mirrors at their bases upon pentagons, because this shape contains the angles to cause implosion of energy to centre to take place in the first place. In this way, the transverse waves caught in these vortices would then spiral down the 60 degrees angles of their slopes from each end to meet at their apexes.

Because making another whole ‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece is a big job, I’m first of all testing how a physical and subtle apex coming together at a central point may be able to do the same job.

Preliminary testing stages of this hypothesis;

  1. Placing a second mirror above the top of the apex of the physical ‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece, facing inwards so that it touches the surface of the second mirror, meeting a subtle apex within it.
  2. Can a subtle and physical apex with an angle of 60 degrees slope meeting at their apexes like this create the same effect as 2 x physical vortices with the same measurements?
  3. It is important to achieve a transfer from transverse to longitudinal, compressional waves through using the skilful reflective quality of several mirrors, because as far as we know, only a longitudinal wave may pass through inter-dimensional barriers.
  4. This is potentially how a longitudinal wave, by having just one copy of itself in one physical location, may translate itself through all dimensional states, everywhere, immediately, as a vibration instantly pulsing itself to infinity.
  5. Through perceiving the ‘Circle of Immortality’ structure from different angles, showing both the illusion of perspective, as well as displaying the method of ordinary transverse brain waves going through an inter-dimensional portal to reach infinity in a compressional wave form, consciousness may experience a shift in its understanding of spatial perspective.
  6. Seeing ‘The Circle of Immortality’ installation art pieceas a symbol of mind’s own ability to connect to different layers of its multi-dimensional reality, once the hemispheres of the brain become harmonised, it is able to operate beyond the frequency of ordinary thinking as transverse sine waves, instead firing its attention along correctly angled pathways to become a longitudinal pulse wave that may reach everywhere, immediately.
  7. If your brain wave state remains as a longitudinal wave form, you may not be affected by the electro-magnetic grid of the Earth positioned every 2-3m in North to South, East to West, NW-SE, NE-SW directions, as well as in horizontal planes across the Earth’s surface. Ultimately these are like the bars of a prison cell keeping consciousness locked in Hertzian transverse dualistic wave forms, unless becoming a longitudinal compressional wave, we overide our own ordinary brain wave patterns to accept the all-embracing qualities of our natural state of mind.

For now, due to the model size of the ‘Circle of Immortality’ installation art piece, looking into the interior of the structure will be a matter of placing one’s head just inside the rim of the device and peering up or down, then looking at it from its exterior.

It needs to be physically built with a lot of space around it, in a large city square/piazza, or park area, as large as feasibly possible, so that as well as walking about on the surface of the mirror itself, people may also experience the paradoxical feeling of being at one and the same time entrapped within an enclosed space that is actually a vast system, reflecting on and on, infinitely, when looking at it from certain angles outside of it.


‘Crystal of Time’ (2019)

While I was independently making my picture, ‘Crystal of Time’, I realised that this would be the shape I needed to embed into a movie I was being asked to make about the Valley of the Pyramids, in Bosnia, by Sam Osmanagich, the discoverer of the Pyramids in Visoko, near Sarajevo.

With this in mind I made several attempts to put together a film and although I made good headway with research, I was unable to find anything that worked…

….until I discovered that there was another whole Photo Collage Art picture to make before I could put the movie together!

‘Diamond lens, Doorway to Infinity’ photo collage art picture was born and with it, very soon afterwards the first version of my movie, ‘Visions of Bosnia’ that seems destined to have a sequel once I return to Bosnia again.

During the process of designing ‘Crystal of Time’ that is a flat picture, I was aware that if I were to subsequently modify it into a 3D installation piece, it could also potentially be a device.

But what energetic function could it perform?

I asked around amongst people who were talking about such things at the Summer Solstice Conferences I attended for 3 consecutive years (2017-2019), near Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Several ideas abounded, including it being a healing capacitor, an electrode, a scalar antenna, a Standing Columnar Wave, a cathode, a resonator, all viable options if coupled with the right technical expertise to execute it, people with acute knowledge of materials and testing methods to collectively transform ‘Crystal of Time’ into a functioning machine.

While I was designing ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ in 2021, I installed the outline of a 3D installation piece, based on ‘Crystal of Time’ into it, calling it ‘The Divine Vajra’.  Holding the ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ at its centre, as an operating infinite toroidal field, ‘The Divine Vajra’ is not only the motor of ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, but is also the mechanism to create Standing Columnar Waves in the atmosphere.

‘The Divine Vajra’ is thus a 3D version of ‘Crystal of Time’ and the next step in the procedure is for me to understand its detailed shape in order to outline the intricate details of the central part of my new photo collage art picture, which will in effect, be the ‘lock’ into which the key of ‘The Divine Vajra’, the 3D version of the ‘Crystal of Time’, must precisely fit.


The Magician’s Jewel (2021)

Finally, after I’d completed the ‘Visions of Bosnia’ movie, in a moment of truth I came to understand that all of my Photo Collage Art pieces making up Series I and II, collections of my work from the last 16 years plus ‘The Circle of Immortality’ art piece, may themselves be individual devices.

This became a hypothesis that I tested while assembling individual parts of them together into a 3D computer graphic design, so as to merge them into a greater device, each of their encoded shapes and symbols holding embedded information about our connection to Universal Wisdom inside every facet of it.

It was with this realisation that I came to design ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ and then create this new section on my website entitled, ‘Installations’.

Although I’ve not pointed it at any particular film in mind at this moment, it may be that ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ will be the structure to embed into a further film on Bosnia, or elsewhere.

When ‘The Magician’s Jewel’ sprung out of the blue in early 2021, I was now convinced that it was a structure to create a centring state to benefit biological forms who are physically, mentally and emotionally suffering due to the stress of electromagnetic radiation that is polluting our environment.

The electro-smog in the atmosphere that is being created by the vast numbers of electrical items and radiation from Wifi and hands-free items resonates with the natural, small amounts electromagnetic forces running through the Earth’s grid lines that in return emanate increased amounts of geopathic stress to us that may ultimately be the cause of many illnesses.

Existing every 2-3m in North to South, East to West, Southwest to Northeast and Southeast to Northwest, as well as in planes of the same spatial distance above the ground, this is a very serious situation if left uncorrected.

I am currently in the process of creating a model of ‘The Magician’s Jewel,.

  1. So far, this has entailed buying strips of framing wood, cutting it up into strips and making all of the external pieces of the structure; outer 4-based pyramidal frame, inner 4-based pyramidal frame, large based triangle pointing upwards, smaller based triangle pointing downwards, cube, icosa-dodeca-icosa, cube, triangles, octahedron.
  2. And the ‘Two Keys, One Lock’ shape at the base of the inside of the structure into whose central space, the point of the apex of the structure sits too. Then making the crystals with paper curved round into diamond shapes. And the five lights at the base and the top of the structure, then the 2 Fibonacci spirals leading into and out of the centre.
  3. Each step of the way I am considering how to make each of the shapes in relation to one another and once all the structural forms are in place, I’ll then add a symbolic representation of the 3 toroidal fields that are themselves in motion, in an active device.


The Aura

External devices have been traditionally used to lighten the load for humans in their everyday tasks and are constantly in multi-usage around us.

In one conversation I had about such devices it was suggested that although external machines can help us execute a multitude of outer jobs, if any one of us were to become fully tuned into source presence, we ourselves may become the most efficient ‘devices’, capable of developing our capacity to heal and restore life force to everything and everyone we come into contact with, cleansing and invigorating the environment wherever we go, even for miles around us as we remain in one place.

This really struck me as both something truly amazing and something that we should hear more about, as it really returns our sovereign power to us.

Indeed, it is time that human beings understood the effects of their consciousness and thoughts upon the human aura that positioned in the space around each one of us, carries the dimness or brightness of our own lamp of consciousness, with precise information about our mood in the current moment, as well as information about our history.

When we pay conscious attention to the flow of our subtle energy system, we may become aware of how our aura is playing a part in the development of the arena of appearance we are both observing and taking part in.

Once we open our multi-dimensional passageways through awakening our chakras, we may invite source energy to flow through these energy portals of our material bodies and out into the physical world around us, as our aura filled with qualities spanning the spectrum of rainbow colours and harmony, may purify the space and create a beneficial environment for biological life to thrive in, within our vicinity.

Looking through subtle lenses into the robe of the aura surrounding us, we find our own light containing all potential from the source, points of release of great energies, outposts of light in a world of darkness, shields protecting negativities from coming in.

If our mind itself is very pure, then we may ‘see’ those finer dimensions that are present within the very robe of light that we carry with us everywhere.

And the sum total of the emanation of individual life in its pure and impure states is translated into appearance by consciousness shining its own perspective upon it, so that it always appears in the way we perceive it. The inner/outer relationship in the reflection is absolutely sure!

Using source energy to balance and centre whatever we come into contact with, we come to know a multi-dimensional existence, subsequently defy the laws of gravity and travel through time and space in a manner that we could not even possibly imagine as ordinary human beings with our brains currently wired into the electro-magnetic framework of the Earth today.

We ourselves are thus born as the ultimate Conscious Installation Device, through completely going beyond the trap of electro-magnetism, raising our own conscious frequencies beyond the Hertzian range of transverse waves and seeing the face of pure source consciousness in every other being.

As more people switch their consciousness to this frequency, this in itself will quickly change the collective consciousness, as one powerful person after another increases the volume until a new world is automatically born to fit our infinite parameters, the old world naturally crumbling as our consciousness no longer fits inside that former band of frequency.



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