The Pyramid Spiral, Dance of the Five Elements

The Circle of Immortality’ is an open pyramid structure made out of several materials. Its most prominent feature is a spiral cut out of a flat sheet of brass covered copper plate, supported by a pair of glass equilateral triangles positioned at right angles to each other, which are subsequently placed upon a circular mirror, so that the points of the triangles fit to the edge of the circle. It’s a simple piece of artwork yet so intricate that it can describe the meaning of existence within its poised elegance, whereby the actual structure appearing above the mirror correlates to our state of consciousness, and its perfect reflection in the mirror, to the illusory aspect of the gross elemental world appearing around/within itself.


Cross section view of The Circle of Immortality from side with its actual and mirrored reflection creating an imaginary octahedron


Actual art piece showing mirrored reflection inside the mirror as it really is

The Pyramid Spiral, Dance of the Five Elements’ not only describes this piece of artwork, but is also the narration to a film, ‘Circle of Immortality’, that the author made at an earlier date. Depicting life in various locations in the Himalayan region of Nepal, the film focuses on the five elements that follow a sequence one by one throughout the movie, pertaining to the five prominent shapes making up the art piece; the spiral, to Wind/Air; the triangles, to Fire; the square base they create at their outer corners, to Earth; the circle of the mirror, to Water; and the illusory area appearing within the mirror, to space. Looking at the process of the manifestation of appearance from its very subtlest to grossest state and back again, ‘The Pyramid Spiral, Dance of the Five Elements’ offers a step-by-step description of how the five elements literally dance each and every aspect of existence into and back out of becoming, connecting us to the vital process of what is really occurring both in our minds and simultaneously in the world at large, in every moment. It’s a journey of sacred geometry, connecting us inter-dimensionally with the entire spectrum of existence, while staying right here in this moment with the whole of time at our fingertips.

3D rotating image of cross section of The Circle of Immortality with its actual and mirrored image


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