The Living Pyramid

Article appeared in ECS magazine, Nepal, July 2019

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

The unusual title of my book, The Living Pyramid was not chosen by accident.I could say that it all happened by chance, but as I’ve come to learn over the years, this is not possible, each component of a process coming as naturally as the wind precedes rain and sun follows it, even though it may not seem obvious at the time. Dots can only be connected when looking back at a chain of events, and even though the foundation of this one started much earlier, I’ll pick it up at the point where I was in the editing stage of an artistic documentary film about the beautiful northern Trans-Himalayan valley of Muktinath, in the district of Mustang, in Nepal. So it was through simply deciding how to lay out the movie that I stumbled across the design of a 3D art piece that I came to call, ‘Circle of Immortality,’ which is itself an open pyramid shape and one which I would later place, as a bedrock of skillful means into my 45-minute film that has the same name.

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