PART III – The Core of Inside Efficacious

And now I must proceed
To the apex
Of this swell
For there, the point
Gleams at me.

So I shall now expand the base
Of my present journey,
Enlarging it in length,
Whilst narrowing it
To that point.

Let us return
In knowledge
To where all became
And rise forth
In understanding
To where all shall go,
That now,
Of then,
Every now, within.

And the subject of this part
Shall be us all,
For we are
In truth,
In potential form.

The Efficacious Point

From point
To point
We must travel,
The previous ones
Floating back
Towards eternity.
Where the seed of nothing
Gives birth to
The whole of everything
In perfect order.
Yet void
At the same time.

And those points
In front of our eyes,
The next beacons.

For we are eternal
And we are the cell
That had formed
After solid,
After liquid,
After gas,
The out breath
Of the creator.

So we had fastened
To wind
And with speed
Became fire,
Then cooled
By the inner peace
Of the former,
To liquid
Blown as droplets
Of water
That form ice
On the highest parts
Of the mountains.

Almost solid,
Yet not quite,
Each time
Affected by heat
To become liquid
That flows
To the sea,
Then sucked into

So we are chained
To our first cycle.

With cool,
We assumed
A physical appearance,
Less energetic
And attached
To the earth,
Bound by her forces
And surrounded by our own.
A slave of that realm
Until released
From those tight bonds.

For when we first fall
On hard ground
And make it soft
With our landing,
We then solidify
To become matter,
The binds of material
Now bonding
Our make-up.

And so we grow
From tiny particle
Of mud
To great mountains,
As ours
Makes up
A part of the whole.

For we are now
The entire skin
Of our Great Mother,
The humans
of the elementary world,
But without a body.

As we creep closer
To the outer part,
We form great treasures
That shine
In the light,
So precious
We have become
To that level of solid.

Yet not destined to reach
The realm
Of free moving cell,
Down a finite route
Stuck for eternity
In the materialistic realm
Of the midway point,
Until we realise
The soul nature of matter
That has come
Through divine creation.

On that path to freedom
We more intensively feel
The rays of the sun
That warm us
To become the covering,
The entire blanket
That warms
Our Great Mother.

For we form
Her material outer,
The liquid dimension ahead
Of the previous
Inanimate solid,
Yet full of life.

For we are still rooted,
But are able
To dance freely
In the wind,
But not with our legs,
Yet unformed.

And so we become taller
Until we reach
The heights of
That world,
Our goal,
To be free moving
Like the creatures
That make us their home.

As the heat
Of existence increases
And mixes with all elements
We evolve to
The gaseous life,
So that we may freely wander
Still attached,
To discover
That which we lack
To penetrate us back,
Yet forward on our path.

For we are now chained
To the last section
Of our worldly advance
Towards Destiny,
The elements
Of our composition
Perfectly balanced
To fulfil the moment
And form the next.

And so we enter
The sea that we were
To become its content,
A kingdom
So vast in itself.
For we must experience all
Before departure.

And only once
We have discovered
Dry land
Can we creep out
And move on
To crawl
Along the surface
Of the earth,
So that we may examine
In detail,
The dust of the planet.

And the sun
Shines warm
On our skin
As we are nearer
The light,
The source of all energy
Within our universe,
Our cell of existence.

And we too
Will fire its great heat,
But have more
Stops to make yet.

For we must learn
The life of the forest
Among the trees
And small bushes.

We must pass over
Great mountains
And dwell
Upon the ice.
We must discover
The fields from above
Until we know each terrain.

Then in our final form
We move to the city
To become immersed
In our material image
Of nature, recreated.
So close to our goal
Yet so far,
The largest test ahead.
For our vision
Remains trapped
By the images around.

Now we
Add weight,
More and more,
So that we remain stagnant
With the emotional wear,
Full of energy
From the continuous
Of the cycle,
Faster and faster
Energy created
The more we pass through
Life after life

Release from this world
Is to unburden,
Those weights
Causing our string
To move back and forth.

How deep do we wish
To be rooted
To the depths
Of our existence?
For as we have now
Experienced all,
So we want all.

How much
Do we wish to own,
Now that we
Are no longer
The particles of earth
That sweep across
The horizon?

How many fruits
And plants
And berries
Do we wish to claim
For ourselves?
For we were once
The same,
Yet we desire
To own
Our very existence
That was.

We are
That which rests
In its present timespan
Before our eyes.
And there lies
The world
In the making,
The creation of the future,
The knowledge
Of whence we came,
Flawlessly interconnected,
Continuously evolving.

Our Time began
Before theirs,
For Time begins once
And ends once,
Two points on each outer
Of the material world.
One is an outer to an inner
And the other is an inner
To another outer.
And after all those
We are no longer held
By the grip of Time.

So we are older
Than this piece of earth
That lies
In front of us.
And we have built
Many blocks
To our memory.

We see mountains
And therefore ourselves.
We gaze at the sea
And know its content.
And likewise
With all fragments
Of nature,
For we too
Have shared our Time there.

And now
We feed
Off our own existence,
The very air we breath
And the water we drink,
So tidy
Is the whole performance.

And so as mind
We have become
That cell once again,
Still left with the rest
To peel
From that last structure.

For we now feel
So close
The heat
And the light
As it shines
So radiant
From our outer
And our inner.
For we are
But one layer away
From each.

So we warm
To its meaning
And understand
Its wealth,
That which shines
Brightly at day
And through the moon
At night,
In our wake
And through our dreams
In our sleep,
So we are constantly
Reminded of its presence.

And so we too
Shall energise
With out self contained
Nuclear force
That which we pierce
When we become
Our smallest, yet heaviest form
In both intensity
Of weight
And abundance
Of radiance.

We now bask
Inside the mind
Of the universe,
A collective cell
Of all Knowledge,
Peace and Truth,
The nucleus of
Our current existence,
The sun of our life,
Pure Love,
That energises the whole
Of everything.
And so let’s move back
To the original point
That was ‘Efficacious’ indeed.

For we have found
True Happiness
In life
And True Knowledge
In mind.

And inside the heart
Of this one word,
We find our innermost essence
That plays a continuous
And unified
Harmonic melody
Of True Love,
Should we unclothe
The sound barriers
That lie between
Our outer existence
And that so deep within.

How wonderful
That we should fine
So much
In the world of ‘Efficacious’

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