PART II – Inside Efficacious

The route I have followed
Has led me to here.
Now I shall journey
To a higher path,
For this efficacious route
Seems to continue
Inwards and upwards.

So let’s enter inside
The original word
To find its deeper meaning.
1. The Efficacious Dimension

And so you must continue
Upon that same surface,
Yet climb to another
Where exists, no time.

You must cross the bridge
To that other space,
Where waits for you
That which makes you ‘I’.

And you as ‘I’
Shall be the subject
As I relates to all
And all correspond to I.

For I am one
And I am whole
And I can see the path continue.

That which I lacked
And therefore I needed,
I found in my other half
Absolute equal,
Yet opposite,
That waited unceasingly
At the end of the crossing,
Desperate to unite
With me.

I no longer have two paths,
For I have become only one.
My focus is straight
Upon that unique star.

The pendulum is still,
For Time does not exist
Now that I have conquered Time.

And so I hang poised
In perfect equilibrium,
The illusion behind,
The truth ahead.

I know my strength,
For I am one.
No more, or less
Except all ones merged together
To become another one.

Lead me to the outside
Of the inside.
Improve my vision,
Make me learn to see,
So that by being blind
To all except one,
I may see all.

Help me to find the way,
For of it
I am aware,
But the soaring mountains
Seem ravenous to my love.

Show me how to keep my focus
Upon just one
So that I may reach it.
2. The Efficacious Seed

One tiny seed
Produces much fruit
That also contains many within.

Now I am inside
The inside
And what do I find?

I am inside
The outside,
Yet remain outside
Of the inside.
And inside that outside
I should find again.

For my vision looks backwards
From whence I came
And forwards
To where I go,
From my True focal point.

And so the mirror image
Remains ever present,
Its fixed mark,
The eye of the mind,
Looking inside
And out.

And inside
All those outsides,
I had looked through a different eye
And many eyes
Have accumulated my experience.

For I saw
In my background
I had used different forms
To house my existence.

And outside all those insides
I saw the universe
And searched for my star.

Now I am
My only eye
That truthfully exists,
All others being an outer
To my inner

For stripped of all outers,
I am but one,
The original one
Once dark,
Whilst I was still clothed
With the weight of material.

I float freely
Magnetically pulled
By the force of the light
So attracted am I
To Beauty and Love
That is emanating
From my source,
Whose strengths grow
The closer I go.
3. The Efficacious Wedding

Once I had been two
And half
At the same time,
Yet unity of these parts
Was my intention.

For as one half
Lacked the other,
So did the other
Need the half
Missing to its present nature.

So I had searched whilst half
And also two
And found nothing,
Yet I procreated many.

For the outside of the inside
Had stolen my attention.
And my other half
Was not present there.
And I became prey
To the luxuries of
That double vision.

Yet my attention was turned
By screaming from within,
So I sought to listen
From whence came the cries.

But I could not hear,
For I was still deaf,
Not understanding
With my human ears
The gentle gesture
Of advice
That I could have listened to.

For I had not found the instrument,
The correct tool of the senses
The Efficacious Eye,
Believing that which I saw
With a tangible form
To be the accurate display.

Yet the screaming continued
So I entered inside
To save the character
I found drowning within.

I was afraid and confused,
For I could not see the way clearly,
My rediscovered vision
Slowly adjusting
To my new surroundings.

And there I saw myself,
Identical in form,
Yet shrouded
By a bunch of characters
Who spat and hissed
And poked my form,
They were such fools
As to not leave me alone.

And so I screamed at myself
From inside the mirror,
Angered and weathered
By the constant nagging
Of these images around,
Reflections from my outer domain.

And I recognised Guilt
Lurking in the corner,
Just to rise when provoked
To provoke me back.

And I saw Jealousy
That crept around,
Its dark shadow
Around my image
Pinching and nipping
When caused to stir.

And so I saw Fear
That covered my path
To the light
With its tall, exaggerated shadow.

It was when I saw Love
Who slept snug
In a nest of grass,
That I walked into the mirror
And picked her up.
I carried her
To my other image
That wept in confusion.

As I passed
The bundle of love
To my other,
Who received it to the chest,
All others scattered
And just she remained.

For we had performed
The mystical wedding,
Where the only guest
Was the infant that slept.

And so she awoke
And opened her eyes
To look upon
Our two images
Equal, yet opposite.

And I remained inside,
Now two parts,
Yet one.
For what I had been looking for,
I had found within.

And Love encircled me,
Frolicking around.
And she grew
As I walked my path,
Painting beautiful visions
Before my eyes
As energy for my onward procession
To where I must go.

All else was left behind.
4. Efficacious Time

I now stand still
Away from Time.
For I have conquered Time
And I am eternal.

As I had been half,
So had Time been halved
Into tick and tock,
That great rhythm
That tirelessly swings
From side to side,
Back and forth,
The great pulse of the material world.

Where at each extreme
Of the swing
Dwell emotions of opposite nature,
Those of the female
And those of the male,
Swinging furiously past
The equilibrium
That lies in the centre
And back to the other side,
For they are prey
To tick and tock.

And from one
Dangles the weight of material
And from the other,
The emotional,
So our Inner and Outer
Divide the responsibility.

Only when both
Have released their load
Can Time balance,
Poised in equilibrium
In its weightless form.

And as my half had swung
From side to side,
My focus had been subject
To blurring
By the nature
Of the movement.

But now I am motionless,
I see directly ahead
A path lit by light.
And behind,
I see nothing
For there, nothing exists.

I am alone with myself,
Alone, but whole,
Still, upon a point in the universe,
Still, looking upon another
To where I must travel.

For Time does not exist
In this realm
Where all are one
And one is all.
5. The Efficacious One

One is whole
And not divided
But had been halved
At the beginning of Time.

And so began the desperate search
For the other half
On my way home
To knowledge.

From gas,
To liquid,
To solid,
I took life in form
And entered the material realm.

For as one half remained out,
So one stayed in
And the part that was out
Stole the parts comparable
To its bodily format.

So I searched as a fish,
As a whale,
As a snail,
As a bird,
As a lamb,
As a cat,
And a fox
But only at the outer limits
Of this beautiful kingdom
Could I perceive
The eye
That could see
When locked to human intelligence
During the span of life.

How many times
I came
I do not know,
But I realise now
That I shall not return.

I cannot come back as one,
For this is the land of half
And two
Where one is an outcast.

For shed are the emotions
That dwell in the land of two
On their perpetual swing.
Gone are the material bonds
That had rooted my existence.

And in their place remains,
But one,
Of Love
And her maidservant,
Who glows at her side.
6. The Efficacious Guide

So now I am here,
I look for my guide.
Appear before me
As the one
Who can lead me on.
For I shall get lost
Without guidance.

Just as when
I entered the material world
As a human
I was taught the ways
Of the world,
So now in the realm of spirit
I too need my education.

Show me where to go,
For I know my destination
Yet cannot reach it.

Before me lie the gates,
Enter I must
For my path leads away
From this river bank
Where I stand
As one again.

This route has carried me
Deeper into the terrain
And my path stands blocked
By the gates of the kingdom
I have searched for,
For millennia.

And through
Those very doors
I must enter as one,
As male and female
With Love as my baggage
And Time in my pocket.
So let us return
To the original question
Of how we may reach
The desired effect,
Once we have gained access
To inside the point.

The mind must be the tool
For unclothed
It offers the wisdom
Of True Knowledge
That forms the base
Of all understanding.

Last time I found life
And True Happiness
This time I moved on
To work on my mind.

So I must venture forth
To see which point
To head for next.

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