To The Other Side

By Susan M. Griffith-Jones


2 & 3


As a simple text

I lay down,
Upon my left side
In the mudra
of the dharmakara,
My body
A congregation
Of the four elements
‘May I dissolve into space.’
I whispered,
And placing mind into mind
The four elements
Were absorbed
Into the fifth
Of spacious bliss
And from my heart centre
Blazed forth
Great waves
Of indescribable bliss
As I passed
Through the bardo
Of death.
Aware of many sounds
A little fear arose,
But so did the words
Of my Guru,
‘Place mind into mind’
And thus mind staying
Within its own nature
Of blissful spaciousness,
Did not respond.
Transforming into
A body of bliss
Of the 5 subtle elements,
I arose upon the ceiling
Of my room
And realising I could fly,
I wished to see
My Guru
And flew towards
His nearby cave,
Passing directly through
The liquid form
Of the walls of my room,
Their nature empty.
Flying through the sky
Of Bouddhanath,
With only a destination in mind,
Almost there,
A thought arose that
I must keep one pointed focus
Upon my goal.
And with that thought,
A distraction in itself,
I appeared in a room
Face to face
With a young woman
Half dressed in black,
Half dressed in white,
Her face as white as snow
And hair, golden white.
She tried to catch me,
But I continually
Dissolved her empty nature
Into herself.
Again and again
She reappeared
And again and again,
I dissolved her
And thus she disappeared
As I realised the total illusion
Of the picture.
Again great waves of bliss
Blazed forth
From my heart centre
That blissful state
Like a bridge
Upon which to pass
Quickly through
The bardo of death,
Of the dissolution
Of the gross elements.
And I arose
In a body
Of blissful subtle elements
And flew towards
My supreme guru.


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