The Rainbow Bridge

This Spiritual Travelogue not only contains more than 100 colour photos of Jomsom, Kali Gandaki, Muktinath & Lubra Valleys, but also presents us with a flowing description of life’s most important treasure, together with the way to turn this most essential key within the lock of mind. The verses of ‘The Rainbow Bridge’, its accompanying commentary and complementary photographs thus inspire one to realign perception with its all-pervasive power of Awareness. Through accessing our essential and natural state, we may bring forth its inherent qualities that reside deep within the multi-faceted structural framework of mind itself, which is otherwise difficult to locate unless guided through the melee of surface emotions and deep-seated habitual patterns of consciousness. There’s also a holistic feeling of artistry in the overall presentation of this standard sized, hard back book containing a plethora of unusual colour photographs taken high up in the Trans-Himalayan valley of Muktinath in the northernmost region of Central Nepal that not only enhance the book’s layout, but also add meaning to the text.


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“I was traveling in Dharamsala after an intensive meditation retreat when this book accidentally landed in my hands and its message spoke so loudly that I could not put it down, and still cannot. Written in beautiful poetic form, and expanded on with explanative commentary, the message steers the reader to the author’s transformational experience high in the Himalayas. This is a must read for those seeking true perception of the beauty around us.”
Mark Kacik, USA

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