The Pen, A Way of Writing

Article appeared in ECS magazine, Nepal, June 2018

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

After traveling to the Muktinath valley, located high up in the beautiful Annapurna Conservation Park, in Mustang,northern Nepal, Susan M. Griffith-Jones penned a beautiful spiritual travelogue combined with colorful pictures of the place in The Rainbow Bridge.

The first chapter of this work is ‘The Pen’, and after receiving comments from those who read The Rainbow Bridge, Susan found that this section had been especially appreciated and decided to mold it into an expanded work, which she entitled, The Pen, A Way of Writing.

Writing has been considered as an art form in many cultures since time immemorial, not just regarding the shapes and styles of letters and pictograms, but also as an expression of meaning. ‘The Pen’ takes this idea further, albeit in a more jovial way, by looking at the in-depth process of the art of writing, showing that the thought behind each word that forms paragraphs and chapters comes from the mind of the writer, who by keeping her mind in an impartial state, could ultimately bridge the gap between the minds of writer and reader.

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