Web of Ganga 2 – ‘The Gangetic Dolphin’

Article Appeared in ECS magazine, Kathmandu, March 2018

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

Visiting the city of Patna, in August 2017, marks the beginning of a new chapter for my Ganga research, sending my mind back to each of the journeys I’ve been on to get here, starting at her official source at Gaumukh that I visited in October 2007.

There, it seems as if an invisible force is pulling the essence out of the sky, into material form, like a percolator drawing it down from space, collecting it in a denser form in its reservoirs below, a massive point of energy creating a vortex between two dimensions, which allows this connection of gaseous molecules and liquid to occur. Colliding here, sucking the water from the clouds to the earth, gaseous form thus whirlwinds into manifestation as water, as rain, that collects in vast tanks of compact ice in the valleys and snow upon the mountain tops, dripping out of the glaciers, forming great rivers, or emerging through carefully channeled cracks in the mountain sides, through a master plan design of levels and layers that filters it through, evenly bringing it all to a main channel grooved into the lower ground of that particular cradle that channels the water along its path to the ocean.

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