The Duck who lost her Teddy Bear

Article appeared in India Empire Magazine, New Delhi, April 2009

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

“I sit down to write an article about Ayurveda and Avalon, a likely couple…

For just as the word ‘Avalon’ conjours up an image of mysterious ancient times and pure hearted folk, a sword that rises out of the water and a sword whose blade is fixed in stone – the one same sword at that, so do the words ‘Veda’ and ‘Ayur’ translate as ‘Way of’ and ‘Life’ in just one word, ‘Ayurveda’.

A ‘Way of Life’ that causes the reality of existence to be realised.

Here in this context, Avalon is the ‘Way of’ and Ayurveda is ‘Life’ as the Avalon resort provides a perfect place for this ancient knowledge of India to be practised.

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