Studying Buddhism in Bouddhanath – 2

Article appeared in ECS magazine, Kathmandu, Jan 2018

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

How I met the Guru and started practicing the path of highest yogic Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism.

Bouddhanath is one of those places you can just fall into. It may start with a casual association with the little store owner on the corner of the street, or as an inspired thought emerging as you sip your coffee in one of the numerous terraced restaurants overlooking the stupa, while you’re sub-consciously watching and settling your mind into the rhythm of the flow of kora going on continuously around its base; people walking and clacking at prayer beads, or engaged in conversation with a fellow kora-goer around its circular perimeter. Whatever it is, it can grasp and hold onto you so that you may easily come to call this place, ‘home’.

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