PART I – Efficacious

The instrument that produces the desired effect
Is that which is efficacious.
Yet what is the desired effect, I ask
And what is the tool?

To answer the questions,
I must embark on an exploratory mission
A journey of an efficacious nature.

Let’s start with that and see how it goes
If not I’ll try another route.


1. The Efficacious Journey

Prepare well for your journey
By readying your mind
Do not make plans
But focus on your destination.

Choose the vehicle wisely
And check its maintenance well
For if it is healthy, it will carry you there
And if it is ill, it will cause you to stop.
Feed it with the correct fuel,
Do not block it with unnecessary intoxication.

See only the clues
That will guide and direct ,
Do not see the other distractions
For their illusion will cause you to stagnate,
Yet pay attention to detail.

See a tree, not as a tree
See a mountain, not as a mountain.

You will cross different terrain,
But know it is the product of air.

And when you are surrounded by sea
Count how many drops are within,
Yet only one drop lies before your eyes.

See the trick and read the truth.

The more naked you are, the more real,
The more clothed, the more rooted.

You must become as light as the wind
To reach the only star
That dwells not outside, but within.
Find that star
For you alone can see it.
2. Preparation for the efficacious journey

Know where you are heading for
Before you start.
Keep your focus on that destination.

Do not plan your journey,
For you will get lost on the way.
Your plans will be thwarted
And you will remain away from your goal.

For you must sit through many lessons
Before you pass the exam.
Focus on the end result
And you will achieve it.

Listen wisely to your teachers in nature
That will guide you freely
If you wish to hear their dumb voices.

Know that your destination is True Knowledge
And realise your current ignorance.
Recognise others, similar in form to you
As equally ignorant.
Do not be distracted by their distortive words.

Know you are mind,
Feel yourself as air.
Remain light at all times,
For it is cumbersome to travel with much weight.

For you must climb up the shaft
Of the pyramid of mind,
Piercing through the barrier
At the main gates of each.

As you come to the next level,
You are a little way closer to home.

And there exist many obstacles
Within each realm,
Those are the tests of each dimension.

Focus on the inside
Of the inside,
Of the inside
And you will arrive in Infinity.

Be aware of that destination.
Learn how to get there.
Learn who you are,
For you alone can show yourself the way.
3. The Efficacious Vehicle

You are not the body
Or face you see,
But that is the vehicle of your mind.

For you are your mind
On the other side of the gate
And there you dwell
With your own creatures
That lurk within
Grotesque and huge in form,
They are so real.

Life offers you protection
From these terrors
By enclosing you
Within another form
That buffers it.

The chance is presented
To reduce that load
Whilst not naked
To the blows.

For the fat belly of the mind
That devours emotions,
Must learn seek its food elsewhere.

The tools of the body,
As the instruments of survival,
Must be kept well maintained,
So the home of the mind
Remains tidy.

It must be cleansed
And kept polished and shining.
That is the work for the outer part.

For the outer is a reflection of the inner
That must be kept pure
By the nature of the substances
You allow to enter it.

Know the body well.
Know that it functions
Like a machine.
Know how to repair it
When it breaks down
And how to keep it in good working order.

Your body must eat and sleep
In order to survive.
All other functions
Are but a distraction to your True self,
Your mind.

Whilst your body is your shield,
Learn to tame your own demons
And recognise your true existence.

Purify yourself,
For soon you will discard your vehicle
And be alone to yourself.
4. Efficacious Intoxication

The only requirement of body
Is food to nourish it
And sleep to revive it.

All other intakes are unnecessary
And intoxicants of detrimental effect
To your development.

Treat your body separately
As the mode of transport
Within which you have chosen to travel.

As for the rest,
Concentrate only on mind.
For all bodily delights
Are distractions.

As you fill your human belly
And swell in size
And consume alcohol in plenty,
That you may find happiness
And drugs,
That you may find glory
And sex,
That you may find love.
How temporary is the effect
Bound to be followed by pain?

For in this realm of ignorance
You are bound to the effects of both extremes,
The swinging duality,
That dominates the body and inactive mind.

For with pleasure
You are bound for pain.
And glory,
You are destined to defamy,
And with love,
You are destined to hate.

So you are intoxicated by your emotions,
That swing backwards and forwards,
Propelling you on
Just to drag you back
To that same spot again.
And so you struggle to progress,
Whilst the treadmill keeps you still.

Only when you can achieve two into one
And one into all
Can you taste the true potion
From the cup
That holds the elixir
Of True Happiness and Knowledge.

For that juice is obtainable,
Waiting for you,
Untouched now
In a different part of your mind
To that which is now active.

Waste not your time
Feeding the body with excess,
For it will leave you soon.

Nourish the mind
Whose fruit is tastier
Than any other
And is yours forever.
5. The Efficacious Teachers

Read outside you,
The clues in nature,
For each one,
Tiny or huge in form,
Is a representation of another.
A concept materialised,
A pattern demonstrated,
A cycle portrayed.

All these equations
Add up to the same value
Before your very eyes
In nature’s design.

What food can nourish you better
Than these seeds of thought?
For those that are consumed
As tiny particles
Become huge mountains of ideas
That gush forth from the deeper parts of your mind.

And the further you climb
Up that tree
That has grown
With the water of thought,
So you can discover
The multitude of branches
Of that tree of knowledge.

At last you reach the doorway of infinity
that is also within that initial seed.

Sleep is your guide,
For it represents, in smaller form
That exercise of death
That you will become prey to.

But fear not,
For the chance to practise
Is available each night.

As you travel along the path
From awake to sleep,
Take note of the details
Inside the dream world
Where you dwell amongst your emotions,
Personified in form
And more vivid in character.
Notice your ability to control each form.

For these are but images
That show you what you lack
In your wake,
This realm,
Being but a mirror image of your outer.

You yourself do not take part,
For you are all the characters rolled into one.

Until you enter sleep as one,
You will always return to the world of your dreams
And never see your True self.

For you are still affected
By your emotions
And are therefore magnetised
To their dwelling.

When your emotions are focused upon one,
Then you shall choose a different route
That only you,
Can walk along.

And so you are free
From that cycle of wake and sleep,
Of life and death,
Free to continue to a higher realm,
For you have now passed the test of ignorance.
6. The Efficacious Illusion

And so we have recreated nature
In our material existence,
Making mountains into skyscrapers,
That fall to the plains of the suburbs
Within our cities.
Like the volcano reproduced in material,
That image of our mind,
Still there.

So you are strangely programmed
To understand,
Yet not to see.

Whilst money itself,
As the god of the material realm,
The god of ignorance,
Continues to tighten its control,
Making its images
Bigger and brighter
Than those of nature.

It steals your attention
And diverts your focus.

And it is money that has the last laugh of all,
For in truth,
No money can buy the knowledge
That will allow you to progress
On the path to your True Destiny.

And so you are trapped,
Imprisoned by money
That makes you a slave.

As your master
It controls your entire existence,
Just as it forces you to gaze
Your wakeful eyes
Upon its pursuit.

And it has priced everything,
Even your basic necessities
So that it may present to you
A test so hard to overcome
Yet once realised,
So simple to understand.

And where does the great chain of money start?
For the earth asks no price for her produce.
And so you forget that that which you take
Is not yours to give.

For ownership walks
Hand in hand with money,
Just as greed and selfish desire,
Lust and hatred
Follow in its wake.

The pleasure it buys
Is but a temporary intoxicant,
That is bound to also feel the pain.

How clever is money
That it has blinded mankind from reality,
So tight is its grip upon existence,
Yet how delicate its conceptual image,
For it does not really exist
Except as an empty ball
Covered by a material facade
That can be consumed by Knowledge
So easy does it evaporate
In the presence of Truth.

For in this realm of ignorance
You do not truthfully exist
Except as a head full of emotions.
7. The Efficacious Self

As you destroy the emotions
And focus on one,
That one becomes your guide.
That one is you
In the knowledge
Of your True Destiny.

And so you tread alone
On your journey.
For you have learned to tame
And eliminate those demons
That had previously held you by fear.

For fear was born of lack of understanding
Of your true existence.

And you see yourself
As a mirror image of all others
And therefore as each one,
For within all is the same.

And you unite once again as an ocean
In the realms of infinity
Where time and space
Have different rules
To that of this bubble.

You release your individuality
Into the sea of Eternity
And become your common denominator
Which is as minute,
Equal and pure in form
To all others.

And so as you realise yourself as one
And therefore as all
You extend your self
To love all others,
Who are but an equal image of you.

You must help them
Away from their confusion
To the Truth,
For it is contained within all.

So feed them with seeds of understanding
So that they may find their True selves.
Show them the vision
That will make them see.
For they alone can find their path,
Not outside, but within.
8. The Efficacious Eye

As you pierce each clue
With your questioning nature,
You are restoring
An inner vision,
That is the eye of your mind
That can hear and speak
As well as see.

It is the language of true feeling
And the exorcist
Of your emotional swings.

For you can enter the mind
Through the vision of your eye
And now you are no longer blind,
Gone is the confusion
That had dwelt in this realm.

Once you can see
In this darkness,
There you will find

This same eye
Watches the dance
Of your characters of sleep,
As your outer eyes are shut
To the world.

This is the instrument
That answers the clues
In front of your eyes
That your other pair
Had taken for literal value.

For the Inner eye
Has restored your outer vision
That had previously been distorted
By the human senses,
That had remained disparate
From the hidden, yet true one
For so long.

Your mind is now active
For it can see
The path that is lit with vision
From your Inner Light.

And so use your time here
To prepare yourself for the journey
That you will begin
As you walk away
From this world of illusion
In true peace.

For the vessel of this next journey
Is your mind.
Restore your vision now,
So that you may see properly
Along the way.
9. The Efficacious Nature of Nakedness

You lie naked in flesh to the lover,
But to whom do you really lie naked?
Do you lie naked to yourself?

Could you paste each thought
Upon your face
For all to read
And feel no shame?

Or do you too flee from your thoughts,
Leaving them untouched
To wrestle with another day?

Until you can present yourself
To your emotions
And negotiate with each
Or face with determined fight,
They will ever remain
Obstacles to your True path.

For they are the demons
That cause you to lie,
To feel guilt and jealousy,
So magnified are their effect on your pleasant emotions
So dominant are they in force.

And the longer they lie in the shadows,
The more grotesque
They will be when let free.

Do not allow these to stir,
But kill them
Whilst they still sleep.
Eliminate them one by one,
So that they may no longer affect you.

And fill their space
With focus upon your True Identity
That you will find within that place,
The one that understands
No other but love,
Love of one,
Therefore love of all.

So you become simply pure love,
So light is your weight.

For that which you carry
And that program of instincts
Set into your human body
For your earthly survival,
Will die with the same.

Material is both solid substance
And weight for the mind
That hinder your progress
And become your fetters.
For it needs storing,
Needs maintaining,
Needs time.

And your precious time is too short
To ponder over immaterial matters,
Such as material.
For each piece is an anchor,
Another root
To this world of ignorance.

For nothing comes with you
On your journey,
Except the value of your Inner mind.
All else stays behind
And no longer exists.
10. The Efficacious Destiny

Prepare your mind now
For your future passage,
If not, you are bound to return.

And you will return
Again and again,
Until you pass the test of ignorance.

And upon which platform
Would you land next time?
For to arrive a human
Offers the chance
Of release.

How long will you wait,
Trapped in the world of your emotions
Until your earthly time
Presents itself once again?

You have reached the head of the world
Now reach your own head,
For it is there,
In your mind
That you find all revealed.

You alone are the questioner,
You alone hold the answer.

Know yourself to be your mind.
Know that you must enter
And continue your journey
Inside, not out.

For as you become lighter in weight
You can travel more freely,
Energised by the blinding force of love
To the wall of the universe
Where that small space,
The channel to Infinity,
Exists in the core of your being,
In the seed of your mind.
And so I return to my original question.

What is the desired effect?
And what is the tool to produce it?

Human life is that tool,
For it offers
The opportunity
To reach the desired effect.

And the desired effect
Is that of True Happiness,
That you can bask in
On your journey
Towards your True Destiny.

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