Introduction to Efficacious

The pyramid art form of Efficacious:

The poem, ‘Efficacious’ starts with one word – efficacious.

This one word may be defined as an instrument that produces the desired effect. It is a correct cause to produce a certain correct effect.

This one word, ‘efficacious’ being the base of all others, leads us through a plethora of points, to a final point, a final word, ‘love’. As this process is with respect to the human path, we may therefore conclude that the efficacious nature is that which transforms one into a person of love.

There are 3 levels upon which this is discussed:

1/ Human life requires Happiness to operate efficaciously. This level may be considered the base, or solid level and discusses the moral tools that one will need to attain this result.

2/ Mind requires wisdom to operate efficaciously. This level may be considered the intermediary level, or that of liquid as mind is not solid as such, but does have a continuous flow of activity going on within it.

3/ One’s innermost essence requires true Love to operate efficaciously. This level may be considered as the highest level as it is the least dense and yet most powerful aspect to drive our being.

Compassion or love for all beings in a wholesome way is the fruit of love and one that has no tangible asset, but is an invisibly potent form of the fuel of wisdom at the mind level and the fuel of happiness at the human level. This fuel of compassion is in itself the efficacious tool of existence producing the spacious quality that dissolves one’s being into its essential nature, the final stage of being.

Like a spiral, human life takes a path between the base, starting from the word, ‘efficacious’ and spiralling through a sequence of events to culminate in the word ‘love’ at the apex. It is a pyramidal form, whereby the base and the point are united through expansion and contraction whereby expansion and contraction are happening simultaneously.

For ‘the efficacious nature’ to become ‘pure love’, it must embrace the quality of fire, which is the master of transformation and that which causes solid to dissolve to liquid and liquid to gas and gas to space. Just as pure love through expanding itself is its efficacious nature, inseparable – by contracting itself, it becomes that efficacious nature.

So, Part I is the base, the efficacious nature that describes the way a human may find a life of happiness. Here a series of suggestions are posed as to how to avoid suffering through repression of negative emotions, negative speech and negative acts. In this way, ‘the efficacious nature’ is trained to become ‘happy’ through repressing negativity.

However, Part II is the expansion of this idea, suggesting that the happiness attained through repression of negativity is not ‘true happiness’, but in order to gain ‘true happiness’, one must recognise non-duality, one must go beyond what is seemingly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and therefore embrace both sides of the coin, repressing neither one nor the other.

Part III then takes us again beyond that to the point, suggesting that everything that ever was and everything that ever will be – seemingly apparent in our relative existence as time moving along in a liner fashion is actually not moving at all, but is infinity itself, whilst being at the same time a relative point that contains that entire infinity, which we can liken to the human being itself – a point or a body in infinity that contains the whole, something that is dissolved through an ‘efficacious’ study of itself to know itself as it really is.

So, we have different themes, which are perfectly demonstrated by the pyramid shape.

Part I  Part II  Part III
State of Being  Solid  Liquid  Gas
 Efficacious Human Life  Mind  Innermost essence
 Happiness  Wisdom  Love

So we too begin life with the accumulation of all lives to that moment as the base of our next journey, like an entire meaning wrapped up inside one word that is ready to unfold into another result, another one word at its final point. Our journey from birth to the point of death is an accumulation of experiences that bring us to the next point that will also become the next base for the next birth.


In this same way, the poem starts with one word, ‘Efficacious’ and travels through a series of words to become another word, ‘love. If we are to look at the meaning of efficacious itself as the instrument that produces the desired effect, then we can call the instrument ‘efficacious’ itself and the desired effect, ‘love’. Is that not what all humans in reality are aspiring to?

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