A Flash of Ganga

Article appeared in India Empire, New Delhi, Jan 2009

By: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

Impressions of India, glimpses of mythology, relationships with time…
…recently I have travelled twice along the River Ganges, once ‘down’ and once ‘up’

Not privileged to the whole length of over two thousand kilometres, and confined to the stretch between Haridwar and Gangotri, a land otherwise known as ‘DevBhumi’, or ‘levels of the Gods’, the only direct knowledge I have of the river is of a tumbling, youthful, powerful with life-force energy.

It is not hard to understand why such a title may embrace this place, for its shaded valleys of evergreen trees, towering above great gorges and channels of the ‘Abode of Snows’, the ‘Himalayas’ lend a beautiful picture to the beholding eye.

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