The Pen… A Way Of Writing

From ancient to modern times, multitudes of scripts from around the world encode sound, which is nothing more than a fixed range of vibratory possibilities that may only emerge in so many ways as is feasible for the human vocal chords to chant. Indeed speech is the method through which we reveal the invisibility of thought and writing, but an extension of it. Writing has been considered an art form in many cultures since time immemorial, not just regarding the shapes and styles of letters and pictograms, but also as an expression of meaning. As speech within form, writing is thus a universal expression of mind and we learn to identify compiled symbols with sounds so that when we read them back, an idea is expressed to us. However, when sentences are broken down into words and words into letters, the overall meaning is derived again and again so that eventually all that is left is a ‘light’ form expression of ‘sound’. As channels of sound through which thought may come into being, letters lead us into different spaces of mind according to their vibratory state, automatically connecting us with a deeper knowledge of life and existence at large. In this way, ‘The Pen… A Way of Writing’ looks at the subject of writing from the vastness of wisdom perspective delving into the meaning of sound and light existing even beyond the letters themselves.

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