In her EXCLUSIVE WEEKLY FEATURE COLUMN, “ON A JOURNEY”, printed every week in London’s ‘The Weekly Tribune’ newspaper, Susan talks about her ongoing travels, impressions of people she meets and and places she goes to. This BLOG-like article takes us through India, Russia, Central America and various countries in Europe, Asia and the Far East… and so the list continues and time moves on and on…


On a journey…12th – 18th June 2017

Trip to Giant Buddha at Le Shan near Chengdu, travelling deeper into Sichuan province, road and bridge building in the valleys, staying in Kanding New Town, cable car ride above ...
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On a journey…6th – 11th June 2017

Trip toMount Hua, inner and outer alchemy of Taoism, visit to Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang near Xian, pyramidal shaped mound tomb, Chengdu; visit to traditional garden and temple ...
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On a journey… 30th May – 4th June 2017

Susan describes Naga Beings, Shaolin Complex on Shaoshi Mountain, dragons, martial arts, stunning Song mountain – central mountain of five great mountains of China, Luoyang – centre of mythical China, ...
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On a journey… 22nd – 28th May 2017

Visit to Hanging Temple near Datong, quarrying vs Nagas, invite to film Bosnian pyramid complex, climbing Heng Shan (Northern peak of 5 sacred mountains of China), visit to Wutaishan, Susan ...
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On a journey…15th – 21st May 2017

Riding on the bullet train, dragons visible everywhere, staying in Beijing, visit to Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Summer Palace, The Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, communication in China, vpn, ...
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On a journey…2nd – 7th May 2017

Meetings in Berlin, Great Wall of China, what happened to the trip to Tibet and how Susan and Samuel came to visit China, Naga report and Jamyang’s Naga puja travelling ...
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On a journey…25th – 30th April 2017

Enthronement ceremony of 42nd His Holiness Sakya Trizin at Puruwala, India, trip to Shimla, Jamyang’s auntie comes to stay in Manali, planning trip to 4th Int’l Kailash conference in Tibet, ...
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On a journey…10th – 16th April 2017

Home to India, how things are changing, trip to Berlin, getting there, getting Mummy into permanent residential care, meeting old friends from time when Susan lived in St Petersburg, Russia, ...
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On a journey…29th March – 4th April 2017

Talking about workshop in Vietnam, booking ticket to Berlin to start Tibetan Book of the Dead project, starting to pack up Mummy’s house, putting the house onto the market, visit ...
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On a journey…6th – 12th March 2017

Car problem in Cornwall, visit to Glastonbury, Samuel arrives back from South America, problems with putting Mummy into residential care, visit to White Horse at Uffington with Shola, St George ...
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On a journey…27th February – 5th March 2017

Exploring the St Michael/Mary line in Cornwall; ruins at St Stephen, castle at Roche Rock, church at Lostwithiel, church at St Neot, Bodmin Moor, Samuel’s journey to Ecuador, Dozmary Lake- ...
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Susan and Shola brave the rain at Land’s End, Cornwall, UK, visit to Merry Maidens stone circle

On a journey…2nd – 8th January 2017

Susan and Shola brave the rain at Land’s End, Cornwall, UK, visit to Merry Maidens stone circle, energy lines of the Earth, Susan contemplates the order of the Universe, visit ...
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On a journey…19th-25th December 2016

Susan reads book, ‘Sun and Serpent’, planning trip to Cornwall to visit Michael and Mary ley line, Shola books flight to London, Alexi back from South America, Shola and Susan ...
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On a journey…12th-18th December 2016

Visit Mummy in hospital, Mummy into respite care, changing flight date back to India, Indo-British cultural show, Alexi coming back from South America, London Kabbalah Centre, Tate Modern gallery, Susan ...
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On a journey…5th-11th December 2016

Nelida comes to the UK, visit to Oxford; Bodlein Library, Indian restaurant, how Alexi and I met Nelida in San Isidrio-Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripo mountain, San Gerrado, meeting Nelida in ...
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On a journey…21st-27th November 2016

Susan describes her exhibition at the Nehru Centre; Inauguration Ceremony, how she feels, animal eye pictures, showing of Circle of Immortality film, daily tours of the exhibition during the rest ...
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On a journey…14th-20th November 2016

Susan talks about potential, Mother to hospital and perhaps needing to go into a care home, inauguration of exhibition ‘Universal Osmosis’ to be held the following week, simultaneous occurrences, being ...
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On a journey…31st October-6th November 2016

Samuel and Alexi in South America, Susan’s recent trip to Central America with Alexi; cousin Sarah’s birthday party in Mexico, Natasha and Dave (US friends from Guatemala) turn up in ...
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On a journey… 24th-30th October 2016

Meeting with Sam Osmanagich at Pyramid Valley conference in India, Patri-ji calls Susan on stage last minute to make a speech about her work, gaining confidence without speech notes, trusting ...
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On a journey…17th-23rd October 2016

Susan and Jamyang travel to Bangalore to Pyramid Valley, Susan describes the place; exploring the grounds, the Mega pyramid, King’s chamber, a massive storm, Indian classical music at morning meditation ...
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On a journey…10th-16th October 2016

Susan describes moving from Nepal to India in a bus in 2007; Haridwar, Dehra Dun, renting a cottage in Mussoorie for 3 years, moving by bus to Kullu-Manali in 2010, ...
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