In her EXCLUSIVE WEEKLY FEATURE COLUMN, “ON A JOURNEY”, printed every week in London’s ‘The Weekly Tribune’ newspaper, Susan talks about her ongoing travels, impressions of people she meets and and places she goes to. This BLOG-like article takes us through India, Russia, Central America and various countries in Europe, Asia and the Far East… and so the list continues and time moves on and on…


Susan and Shola brave the rain at Land’s End, Cornwall, UK, visit to Merry Maidens stone circle

On a journey…2nd – 8th January 2017

Susan and Shola brave the rain at Land’s End, Cornwall, UK, visit to Merry Maidens stone circle, energy lines of the Earth, Susan contemplates the order of the Universe, visit ...
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On a journey…19th-25th December 2016

Susan reads book, ‘Sun and Serpent’, planning trip to Cornwall to visit Michael and Mary ley line, Shola books flight to London, Alexi back from South America, Shola and Susan ...
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On a journey…12th-18th December 2016

Visit Mummy in hospital, Mummy into respite care, changing flight date back to India, Indo-British cultural show, Alexi coming back from South America, London Kabbalah Centre, Tate Modern gallery, Susan ...
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On a journey…5th-11th December 2016

Nelida comes to the UK, visit to Oxford; Bodlein Library, Indian restaurant, how Alexi and I met Nelida in San Isidrio-Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripo mountain, San Gerrado, meeting Nelida in ...
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On a journey…21st-27th November 2016

Susan describes her exhibition at the Nehru Centre; Inauguration Ceremony, how she feels, animal eye pictures, showing of Circle of Immortality film, daily tours of the exhibition during the rest ...
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On a journey…14th-20th November 2016

Susan talks about potential, Mother to hospital and perhaps needing to go into a care home, inauguration of exhibition ‘Universal Osmosis’ to be held the following week, simultaneous occurrences, being ...
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On a journey…31st October-6th November 2016

Samuel and Alexi in South America, Susan’s recent trip to Central America with Alexi; cousin Sarah’s birthday party in Mexico, Natasha and Dave (US friends from Guatemala) turn up in ...
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On a journey… 24th-30th October 2016

Meeting with Sam Osmanagich at Pyramid Valley conference in India, Patri-ji calls Susan on stage last minute to make a speech about her work, gaining confidence without speech notes, trusting ...
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On a journey…17th-23rd October 2016

Susan and Jamyang travel to Bangalore to Pyramid Valley, Susan describes the place; exploring the grounds, the Mega pyramid, King’s chamber, a massive storm, Indian classical music at morning meditation ...
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On a journey…10th-16th October 2016

Susan describes moving from Nepal to India in a bus in 2007; Haridwar, Dehra Dun, renting a cottage in Mussoorie for 3 years, moving by bus to Kullu-Manali in 2010, ...
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On a journey…3rd-9th October 2016

Susan is at home in Kullu-Manali valley, India, Sapt Rishi stars and bathing at the natural hot springs, how people relate to each other at the baths, adding Russian subtitles ...
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On a journey…26th September – 2nd October 2016

Night of the Brexit vote in the UK, off to Brussels for the Kalachakra empowerment from His Holiness Sakya Trizin, long delays at the airport, guest house shut so she ...
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On a journey…19th-25th September 2016

Journey back to Manali, the matchmaker in Delhi, pros and cons of arranged marriage, Susan describes how their home got the name ‘Shanti Bhawan’, how they got a telephone line ...
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On a journey…12th-18th September 2016

Flight from Kazakhstan to Delhi, Susan talks about nature of thought, migrant workers, meeting Jamyang at hotel in Karol Bagh, Indian monsoon, how she first met Raj Kumari in Mussoorie, ...
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On a journey…5th-11th September 2016

Susan in Astana; describes statues of ‘people countries’ on Nurzhol Blvd, Norman Foster, Khan Shatyr complex, Bayterek Tower, Astana’s pyramid, Susan meeting Nefertiti everywhere; her bust at Neues museum Berlin, ...
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On a journey…22nd-28th August 2016

Trip with Raj Kumari to Berlin; German Reichstag building – compares it with Norman Foster’s ‘Palace of Peace and Accord’ in Astana Kazahstan, Brandenburg Gate, meeting with Wolfgang who Susan ...
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On a journey…15th-21st August 2016

Visit to National Academic Library of Republic of Kazakstan in Astana, Susan receives invitation to do a presentation of her work there, the Turkic people of Central Asia, meeting with ...
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On a journey…8th-14th August 2016

Staying at Irina’s house in Chelyabinsk Russia, imagining future of ‘Dynamic Mandalas’, meaning of ‘raspberry’, 21 hour train ride to Astana Kazakhstan, immigration control at Russian/Kazakhstan border, companions on the ...
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On a journey…1st-7th August 2016

Staying at Alfia’s home in Bulgari, Volga region of Russia, how we judge people, overnight train to Chelyabinsk, Susan thinks about adding photos of sacred places to new photo collage ...
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On a journey…25th-31st-July-2016

Night tour of Moscow; Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, Moskva River, University building, Novodevechy Monastery, nature of spiralling, Marina learning ancient Slavic language, reading Cyrillic words, Susan describes her book, ‘The Pen, ...
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On a journey…18th-24th July 2016

Susan introduces herself, talks about her earlier days in Moscow and how it’s changed today, describes her talk on photo collage art at ‘World Light Group’ meeting and launch of ...
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