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CROSSING BRIDGES is a film about ‘healing’. Using visuals of a touch-healer doctor, Dr Mulk Raj Dass giving treatment to his patients at his clinic in Mussoorie, interspersed with diverse landscapes and activities along the banks of the uppermost stretch of River Ganges from Haridwar to her source at Gaumukh, the film explores many different layers of meaning for ‘healing’.


Both actual and metaphorical images of bridges, along with an explanatory narration depict how essential the meaning of bridge is to the overall sense of healing. For bringing two sides together and joining what is separated by un-obstructing what is currently obstructed are ways that healing ultimately takes place.


Whereas River Ganges represents an actual manifest bodily channel of energy that flows as water along a path of least resistance from source to the ocean across many different obstacles, the doctor represents a channel of healing for invisible pure source energy to reach the recipient patient.

Ultimately, we are all capable of becoming such a channel and the message of the film is to show that if we create the necessary free flow of energy through our body, there is nothing strange nor magical about humans healing humans through touch, as the healing process is a scientific practise that our human persona is capable of performing. Vibrating tones of Tibetan singing bowls make up the accompanying tune and have been chosen according to their technical association with planetary movements that correspond to certain characteristics and moods in the film.


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