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The Circle of Immortality is an artistic documentary depicting three locations in Nepal. Aspects of Tibetan Buddhism in Muktinath (High Himalayas – Nepal), Maratika (middle hills-Nepal) and Lumbini (low land Nepal) are displayed in short sections that run one into the other and back again symmetrically so that the timeframe of each location section pivots around a central point in the film that can be folded in half at the midway mark, thus portraying a cyclical movement of a spiral towards its central point, hence the title emerges, ‘The Circle of Immortality’.

Immortality1 Immortality2 Immortality3 immortality4

Its inherent structure is based around the meaning of the five elements. Although much of the symbology is embedded in the visuals themselves as they progress through their interpretation of each individual element of wind, fire, earth, water and space in turn as well as collectively, the film portrays life and ongoing activities in each of these three places.

Photograph of the original art piece, ‘The Circle of Immortality’
This 3D art piece, The Circle of Immortality’ is the model layout of the structure of the film. Its entire meaning is expressed in the narration – Circle of Immortality – Third Version (Dec 2008) that is interpreted through the colourful visuals and mantra music in this film.


Cross section view of The Circle of Immortality from below with its actual and mirrored reflection creating an imaginary octahedron


View of the actual art piece from below

3D rotating image of cross section of The Circle of Immortality with its actual and mirrored image



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