Susan and Jamyang at a Ceremony of His Holiness Sakya Trichen, near Pandra Mel, Kullu-Manali Valley, India

On a journey…17th-23rd February 2020

Jamyang has the first surgery for dental implants, bumping into an old school friend of the kids, another dentist gets in contact with Susan as to why they didn’t go with him, trying to sell Komboucha in a café in Naggar, new photo collage art piece is emerging while Susan is writing the new outline for the Tibetan Book of the Dead project, Susan realizes it’s also part of the Bosnian movie, Holiness Sakya Trichen comes to Kullu-Manali valley, Jamyang gets a blessing on his mouth, attending a ceremony at a Lahauli school, an extraordinary exchange with His Holiness afterwards.

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