Muktinath, Secret Treasure of Annapurna… The Rainbow Bridge

At the time of printing, this book contained the only existing compilation of historical, cultural and spiritual facts about Muktinath, a once almost secret valley located high above the Annapurna range of mountains in Central Nepal and is a travelogue of differing proportions to the normal ‘What to see…’ and ‘Where to go…’ dialogue. Having now opened its doors to pilgrims, trekkers and mountain climbers alike, triggering a deep response to the inner yearning of all who tread its pathways, it’s a treasure waiting to reveal its full glory. Surrounded by snow peaks ranging from 6-8000m high, this Trans-Himalayan valley is a dynamic landscape where massive sea-fossils still lie on the slopes near its riverbed, geological remnants from the Jurassic period when the sea of Tethys covered this whole region. Whether you’re coming here to worship the holy fire that appears flaming on water, stone and earth or to hike through the Annapurna trekking circuit, the question of what lies beyond its surface of snow peaked mountain tops, cliff caves, deep river basins and small temple complexes dotted around the valley in little villages that still maintain a traditional Mustang/Tibetan culture, naturally comes to mind. In this unusual account of a place lying deep within an ancient forbidden kingdom, its mystery is elucidated in descriptions emerging in the spiritual dialogue of ‘The Rainbow Bridge’, whose flowing verses and commentary are included in this book, describing a multi-faceted vision of the absolute heart essence of the place.

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