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The Infinite Way with Host Dr. Enolia Foti Welcomes Susan Griffith-Jones -Part 1


The Infinite Way host Dr. Enolia Foti Welcomes Susan Griffith-Jones-Part 2


BIOGRAPHY, a poem that Susan wrote for these sessions.

Like walking through a passageway
They grab you from all sides,
Then slot you in
To become a worker of the system,

I walk on to create my own destiny.

Giving up “my life”,
its purpose, my purpose, my duty.
Diving off a cliff
Learning to fly before hitting the bottom,

I walk on to create my own destiny.

Calling the Guru from afar,
Reeling me in and stunning me with methods,
learning the consciousness,

I walk on to create my own destiny.

Stabilisizing spontaneity
allowing what happens to happen,
being at peace with the process,

I walk on to create…

Taking hold of conscious tools,
Directly communing with source,
Sculpting reality,

I walk on…

British born Susan Griffith-Jones is a Creative Innovative Artist, who has dedicated her life to travelling the ancient inner pathways of the yogis, investigating the Nature of Existence from many angles and communicating the like.

Organizing the findings of her explorations into innovative symbolic representations; artistic documentaries whose timelines are built upon the sacred patterns embedded into them, that are also displayed within her large Photo Collage Art and Art Installation pieces, Susan explains their meaning in her books and articles, as well as talking about them publicly at conferences, workshops and relevant functions.

Susan is currently combining together all 9 Photo Collage Art pieces and installations that she made during the last 18 years, as the individual parts of a larger installation that she’s named, ‘The Magician’s Jewel’, whose shape and appearance represent Universal Truth in symbol, a working device that’s designed through its connection to both the electromagnetic grid of the Earth and its more subtle aspect in the Space, to revitalize the land and people in its environs.

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