Ganga, Life Of a River

Ganga, Life Of a River

‘Since 2007, Susan has been visiting many places along Indian’s most famous river, The Ganges. Her extensive 13-year work on the river has lead her all the way from Ganga’s traditional source at Gaumukh, Gangotri down to Sagar Island, beyond Kolkata, where River Ganga meets the Bay of Bengal.

Whilst both filming and photographing the course of the river and life along her banks, she’s also written many articles on various aspects of Ganga for a variety of newspapers and magazines.’

Woven into stories about her own journey along the river, as an undertone this book comments on historical, geographical, social, religious and environmental aspects of the River Ganges, but is polished off with deeper spiritual truths that are embedded into lessons learned along the way.

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