Drops of Being

Drops of Being

‘Drops of Being’ is the story of a journey of life, traversing realms of consciousness.

Section 1 : THE GUIDE



Author narrating the first section of the book, here

Through its underlying tale, this fiction of 200 pages is first and foremost a book that inspires and motivates us to achieve higher levels of success in all aspects of our lives, enticing us to respond to the call of our natural gift or rather, talent and to find the courage to follow its path.

The entire frame of the story comprises of two letters that have been written from a woman to a man. It is obvious that they are close as she writes intimately to him about her journey.

In the first letter she specifically describes a time when she arrived by chance at a small building on the side of a dusty road in a downtrodden country. The place is not named, but this may be considered as the central location of the book as it is from where stories that carry the book’s meaning are told through different personages.

At the onset, we are introduced to these story-telling characters, who are sitting at a table laden with food and drink inside this building, which happens to be a kind of resting place for weary travelers. All the people at the table have the manner of wise beings and are of different appearances, both male and female.

One woman gets up to speak and the first section of the book includes her description of the world from the beginning of time to where we are now, pointing to the continual battle between our desire for gain over others that consequently leads to a failed appreciation of ‘Earth’ as the mother provider for all beings.

This section of the book is entitled ‘The Guide’, whose symbol is a staff, a reoccurring motif representing the aspect of ‘teacher of life’ throughout the book. In the second letter, whose place of action continues inside the resting place, a second woman gets up to speak. Instead of discussing worldly matters, she points towards the path of spiritual understanding that we must cross in order to answer all questions related to our existence. This section of the book is entitled ‘The Staircase’ and analogizes the ascent one makes upon the path of enlightenment.

The third section is approached from an entirely different perspective as we meet the person reading the letters. It is entitled, ‘The Container’ and we come to learn that each of the places described in the book are actually one and the same place. This finally brings us to appreciate that all appearance actually has a nonlocal (ie. it is not somewhere else) presence.

Ultimately aiming to inspire the reader to search his/her passion of interest and to dive into that wholeheartedly with such force so that one’s greatest talents and abilities are not forsaken by the drudgery of the necessity to simply earn money to survive, “Drops of Being” is a book about life, pointing to the natural suffering of all beings in the earthly realm, a schoolroom through which we learn and gradually ascend the path of enlightenment to full realization of who we are and why we are here.

Focusing on this need to find our heart quest and pursue it with the passion of commitment in order to be completely fulfilled, DROPS refer to our relative sense of existence as individuals within the world, whilst BEING refers to the ultimate knowledge of our existence as an interconnected part of absolutely everything in the cosmos.

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Drops of Being is a book that is profound on many levels.Each thought has deep significance for our material and spiritual well-being.Every sentence is exquisitely constructed, and the words are delightful to savor. Stories are interwoven from echos of the past to mysterious discoveries in the present.The perils of greed & ignorance are contrasted to the hope of altruism & awarenss.Susan M. Griffith-Jones has manifested a wonderful book to be reflected upon as we continue on our journey of lives.
Christine Robertson, Canada


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