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RAINBOW SYMPHONY Diameter: 5 1/2ft

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Arising from the clear light space of awareness, the ultimate space of enlightened being, Rainbow Symphony is principally a vehicle that carries life into being from its most subtle state to a fully developed one of manifest form. It is the archetypal structure that creates the entire universe, emanating itself outwards infinitely as far as space may reach. At a gross level, it is the nature of each cell of the physical body and subtly, is that of our most energetic.

At the centre of this image inside an inner golden ring of pure awareness are 3 golden balls signifying its inherent qualities of clarity, wisdom and perception of these aspects. They sit on a light blue circle, which represents the element of space and is that out of which the other four elements arise. These 4 balls of green ?wind, red ?fire, yellow ?earth and white ?water, touch both the inner golden ring of awareness and the outer golden ring, which encloses them all and represents appearance.

In total, there are 10 essential aspects held within this inner chamber that are the absolute building block of all manifestation.

These are held within a pink octahedron shape, which is the Circle of Immortality art piece described in the book "The Pyramid Spiral?Dance of the Five Elements". This is the driving force of the tetrahedron vehicle, whose upper part pointing upwards and away from the front is red and lower part is white. Its eight points touch the outer sphere.

Outer double tetrahedron from front 3D image of 'The Circle of Immortality' from side view Central part of image from side view
Outer double tetrahedron from front 3D image of 'The Circle of Immortality' from side view Central part of image from side view

It may be noted that there are 64 triangles circling the outside of the image and this is to show that the 8 points of the tetrahedron will exponentially increase to 64 in their first emanation and then 512, etc?This is how the entire universe spontaneously manifests out of one point of awareness and this is indeed happening at every moment of our existence. Because it happens again and again repeatedly, we cannot perceive the process and think that there’s a continuum of time running from a past into a future, whereas in actual fact, the entirety of existence is being recreated in every single moment.

3D image of Rainbow Symphony

The photos are all of trees and aspects of trees, like the trunks, branches, leaves, foliage and flowers and fruits. The outer 64 are all fruits and flowers cut in a triangular shape, which represents the element of fire. On the tetrahedron shape are photos cut into squares showing branches and trunks of trees flowing together from one picture to another. The octahedron in the centre is made up of wind shaped photos depicting the foliage of trees and the 26 flowers that are placed in specific positions around the spirals are all circular, representing water.

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Event : Virtual Mustang - Photo Exhibition - Nov 2005
Press clippings about Photo Exhibition 'Virtual Mustang'

TWO KEYS, ONE LOCK each key roughly 8ft long, width 6ft, height 7ft

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All the photographs that make up the entire image were taken in and around the valley of Muktinath. Separated as individual pictures they are nothing in particular, but grouped together they become a coded picture of the inner nature of the valley as well as a description of the layout of mind.

In some way each photograph correlates to one of the five elements. Collectively, they are grouped in the four corners and centre of the shape using the shapes and colours of classical tantric symbology:

Air-green-bowl shaped

The fifth element of space, traditionally depicted as blue, can be found in the centre as it is the connecting point of each of four elements that are displayed in the outer four directions.

So does the whole realm of appearance, from its most gross to its most subtle visions of consciousness appear as a blazing dance of the five elemental forces, space depicted in the central part of the picture as the container within which the four elements may dance their act of manifestation.

For it is within the creative quality of spacious emptiness that the four aspects of the elements may become gross form, yet ultimately they never separate from their spacious aspect resting at their central place, where they gather into and meet as one.

The title ‘Two Keys, One Lock?refers to the actual oneness of conceptual mind that nevertheless judges what it perceives in a dualistic and therefore judgmental way ie. good-bad, beautiful-ugly, etc?br>
When that duality is superseded by the realisation that these polar opposites are not really different from each other because they are manifesting from the same spacious source and are never actually separated from it, then the understanding of non-duality may arise whereby the perception of mind allows what it senses just to manifest as it is naturally, with neither judgement nor opinion, nor an over riding emotional response.

When we, as humans are able to perceive this level of oneness, when we can stand at the centre of the process as the spacious wisdom/intelligence aspect itself, then the five elements of our existence may transform their dance from one of jealousy, desire, anger, pride and ignorance into one of happiness, joy, wisdom, compassion and equanimity naturally manifesting in everything and everyone we meet?br>
…as an expression of that pure spacious wisdom itself.

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Press Clippings About Photo Exhibition "Virtual Mustang"
Event 1:Virtual Mustang - Photo Exhibition, Nov 2005
Event 2:CHILDREN'S DAY, 1st January 2006

Price : $15 (PDF Version)


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When the two blue outer wings are folded over on their hinges into the middle, just awhite shape with a circular hole in the middle displaying only the blue SPACE element, remains. Looking like an eye,this aspect of the picture is called "Pure Vision".

When the wings are opened and the inner part displayed, an entire mandala of strategically placed photos are revealed. This picture is entitled, "Organised Confusion".

When dissected,"Pure Vision", is thus "transformed" into "Organised Confusion".

On the white central segment of this design, the four elements dance around the fifth, of SPACE (blue). Green bowl-shaped WIND circles the central picture holding the other elements within it, while red triangular FIRE touches 3 corners of the outer circle of white circular WATER, that is held within the yellow square of EARTH, within which resides the blue SPACE.

However, unlike in the photo collage art piece, "Two Keys, One Lock" where they stem off a central area of space in 4 directions, here they are all piled one on top of the other to show that the elements are never in fact, divided.

The triangle facing downwards represents a phurba (ritual dagger symbolising the sharpness of mind that can cut through to its essential nature),that is piercing through all the elements, with its 3 dimensional layersshown in 3 colours; red, white and dark blue,coming to 1 point. This shape, along with the red triangular fire shape, creates a double tetrahedron that resides within the elemental mandala.

The 2 blue wings contain 4 whorls that are the mechanism to drive appearance, that is the play of five elements. Each whorl has a dominant element, but each contains all 4 elements within it. In fact, the whole of this picture is depicted ina similar layout to "Two Keys, One Lock", only expanded, demonstrating that the central part (like the space in Two Keys),has now been opened up to show that the four elements combined, mingle within the space and are not separated from it.

The strips of photos around the edge of both the central white section and outer blue wings, represent double nuclear DNA helices. Here there are2 sections of23 pairs of chromosomes (a total of 46 per cell), the number of chromosomes found in human nuclear DNA. Scientifically speaking, 22 of these pairs look the same in all humans and 1 is sex defining. In this picture, the sex defining chromosomes are the 2 longer length photos showing in the centre at the bottom and top of the central white picture and the far edges of the wings (half each at the end of each wing, making 2 in total).

The photos are here segmented in sections of seven and then an eighth that is slightly longer.This is to representoctaves of resonance or dimensional harmonics that are naturally apparent throughout all dimensional structures of nature, including DNA.22 chromosomes are the multiplication of 8 x 3, which does not equal 24, but 22, as the 8th note of each octave is the 1st of the next. 3 dimensional levels are apparent here, whereas other dimensionallayers are wrapped up within those 3. Pierced by the sixth element of mind, the central picture of the five elements represents the "steps of the ladder" that connect the 2 spiralling DNA helices.

There are exactly 100 photos in this whole picture, spread out to display the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities of the Guhyagarbha tantra according to the Vajrayana practise of Tibetan Buddhism.The numbers of each set of deities fit into the pictureas closely as possible to the actualformal structure of this tantric mandala. The peaceful ones (that emanate from the heart - 42 of them) are in the central part of the picture where there are 42 photos and the wrathful ones (that emanate from the brain - 58 of them) are all the DNA photos around the edge, plus all the bliss whorls combined. The area of sun placed within the spacein the centre,represents the 2 main deities of this mandala, Samanthabhadra and Samanthabhadri, who united are perfect awareness emanating its aspects of clarity (sun) and wisdom (space). These inherently form the space within which the mandala (representing the whole of appearance and here all the rest of the photos) may come into being.

This picture is just one segment of an ongoing chain that goes on and on.

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Press Clippings About Photo Exhibition "Virtual Mustang"
Event 1:Virtual Mustang - Photo Exhibition, Nov 2005

Price : $15 (PDF Version)

MIRROR OF SPACE diameter: 5 1/2ft

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The basic shape depicted in this picture is the Sanskrit symbol OM. OM is the ‘I am?of being. It represents the heart essence of existence and that which unifies subject and object. It is the first and last sound of composite reality as it appears out of the state of potential into form and dissolves back into that state again. Everything is contained in OM ?it is the arising, staying and ceasing of existence.

OM is actually divided into 3 letters; A, U and M, which can be seen in this picture in the Sanskrit devanagari script. Here the A has been made to look like a number 3, the U like a number 2 and the M like a number 1 on its side with a 0 above it that spirals into oblivion. Thus counting down to dissolution in this way, this provides an inner meaning to the picture as a way to describe solid material form at its state of A dissolving gradually through the U state of subtle form and into the M state of very subtle form and ultimately formlessness and complete dissolution. Also it may be looked at the other way round as the manifest world coming out of its formless state and taking on a solid appearance, or as both appearing simultaneously, which it is in fact doing.

If one looks at the picture from afar, one may see the subtle imprint of a double star, one equilateral triangle facing upwards intersected by another equilateral triangle facing downwards. Each of the key points of the picture touches this invisible outline so that it carries the impression of this important shape, which here is a representation of our unified heart essence and from where our manifest reality sources through the human form. Containing the indestructible drop that is the way our human body forms due to the fusion of the male and female aspects of our parents, here it is demonstrated by the white (A) and red (U), which are the essential two drops subsequently pervaded by life force - the third aspect, M. The A, U and M of the OM symbol carry this secret meaning.

The four elements are shown in an hexagonal format around the picture, like a curtain opening upon the arena of space within which the dance of these four elements will act out the play of manifestation, each of their bunched parts forming an intricate point on the double star. Indeed the entire picture is placed on the colour blue representing the space element, which is the one to contain all the other four elements of wind (green), fire (red), earth (yellow) and water (white). At the bottom of the picture, they also appear in the form of a five-colour lotus flower touching the A (or rather, 3) as they are the building blocks that appearance uses to display itself.

The 64 lotus petals that make up the frame of the mirror have various representations as 64 is a number vastly used in tantric pratice. Even though we have to look at it on a two dimensional flat surface, the double star is actually in its three dimensional aspect here, as the place where the U emerges out of the A in the very centre of the picture is where the third side of both the upward and downward triangle of the double star points to. The number of points on a double tetrahedron is eight, which is the number of petals on the heart chakra that originally manifests out of the indestructible drop at conception. When further double tetrahedrons are then placed at the 8 original points of the original shape, the number accounts to 64 and may be likened to 64 channels.

The original tetrahedron shape is formed due to the expansive quality of outward manifestation that occurs when the three aspects of the indestructible drop come together. It is restrained into a shape when opposing contracting forces meet such expansion. These 64 channels then go on to divide in a similar way until there are millions of such channels pervading the inner energy structure of the entire human form, carrying with them all the subtle energies in subtle forms that consequently become the appearance we perceive around us when translated and interpreted by the mind upon the screen of existence.

It has been suggested that just like in holographic theory, our brain processes information as electrical communications that take place between neurons - the brain’s nerve cells. These wave-like patterns are projected through neurons that have tree-like branches that transmit the encoded patterns. This process creates a plethora of interference waves that are subsequently translated by the visual apparatus of our optic system, and appear as manifest reality, hence waves (electrical communications in the brain) and particles (atoms of manifest reality) exist simultaneously.

The picture may also be likened to an orb, or one such atom of existence. An orb is a circular light form often found around humans in today’s high resolution digital photography. There are many explanations for what orbs may be, but simplistically speaking, they may be understood as clusters of light that have become visible to the naked eye, due to the perspective of the camera versus the light at hand. The entire space of our Universe is filled with light that may not be seen to the naked eye, as it is outside of the vibrancy range of human eyesight.

Likewise, the spiral that makes up the 0 or ‘bindu?in Sanskrit of the picture has both the quality of a wave and of a particle. As it is viewed from above, it becomes a dot or one piece, but as it is unfolded, it has a wave-like form. These occur simultaneously and may be likened to the way that manifest reality also has both wave and particle-like aspects as mentioned in the holographic theory above.

The theme of the photos is water as water can simultaneously appear at different levels of manifestation depending on the value of its heat content at that moment. Water is solid as ice when it is cold, liquid as water when it is at an average temperature and gaseous as cloud when it is further heated. Steam can also be seen to evaporate into nothing as it dissolves back into its formless nature. This level of its being cannot be perceived by the naked eye and is held at an essential level as patterns of potential ready to form into water again when the conditions are suitable for it to do so. In this sense there is a continuous ongoing cycle of water simultaneously manifesting and dissolving. This makes water a very good theme to use with the letter OM as the different levels of our manifest world also exist simultaneously. Although we may not consciously perceive all these layers at the same time, they do exist.

The photographs are laid together in mosaic form. They are cut and joined to give a flowing impression of continuity from one to the next and from one state to another, so that where the letters of A, U and M join together, the photos are connecting in some way.

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