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Many people ask me why I named my website ‘pyramidkey?

This has such a long answer to it that to try and boil it down to just one or two simple facts would undermine the whole process.

Within my blog, The Living Pyramid, I am going to write the story of how I developed my creative work over the years and how I came to notice that I was often subconsciously using the model of the pyramid as an inner pattern.

Talks on Buddhism
Youth learned about the eight worldly dharmas
Youth learned about the eight worldly dharmas

Singapore - On 16 October 2013, a thought-provoking sharing session on the eight worldly dharmas was conducted at KMSPKS by British Buddhist, Susan M. Griffith-Jones, who has resettled in Nepal. She flew in to Singapore to conduct this session for youth, highlighting to them how the four pairs of worldly dharma: gain/loss, praise/censure, fame/disgrace and pleasure/pain are driven by the five negative emotions of mind - jealousy, desire, anger, pride and ignorance - as their captain. Through cultivating awareness of one’s own mind-state, these five could be transformed into positive aspects of wisdom. The session ended with interesting and creative skits on the eight worldly dharmas put up by the 35 participants.

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