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Many people ask me why I named my website ‘pyramidkey?

This has such a long answer to it that to try and boil it down to just one or two simple facts would undermine the whole process.

Within my blog, The Living Pyramid, I am going to write the story of how I developed my creative work over the years and how I came to notice that I was often subconsciously using the model of the pyramid as an inner pattern.

Blog: The Living Pyramid
Part 7: The process of making the film, 'The Circle of Immortality'
Part 7: The process of making the film,

Stage 1: WIND... filming

The process of making the film, ‘The Circle of Immortality’

(online at

The details and conceptual point of view - ie. that which is going to actually take place in the film when you finally produce it - is not necessarily defined at the outset.

For me, at least, it’s definitely like that.

I do not want to be bound by parameters so that the artistic potential is stunted in any way by limitations defined in a certain time and space, as time and space are always evolving, even though we are literally ever present.

It’s like you have a goal and you have a focus upon that goal alone. Now it is for you to walk the path to reach it, trusting its manifestation that is known in your heart even before you see it step by step with your own eyes. I want to leave it open to manifest in the way it wishes to and then I’ll arrange and edit it from there.

For to allow creation its full scope, we have no choice but to proceed with trust, not by sight.

It was way down the road from the outset before I began conceptualising the overall film, ‘The Circle of Immortality’. Even though I was in a sense giving it free rein to run where it wanted, I was keen to ensure that each part of it became a symbol that would logically carry a meaning.

In this way, the film’s content and expression could impact its audience, even if the surface meaning were not consciously understood. It was for the narration to hold this responsibility, to bring the viewer into the meaning of the film at its more subtle level.

Here I feel that I failed each time as my narration tended to go beyond the general understanding of people who had no prior experience of the process of unfolding one’s inner knowledge and realisation of one’s innate nature…

…until writing this.

For one main purpose of these notes is really to highlight the meaning of the film as it seemed that just on watching it, a general audience was not allowed entry into its more subtle meanings and therefore could not easily relate to it.

Thus were the questions needed in order for the answers to arise.

And each part of the process is as inherently important as all the others, for with even one part just out of line a touch, the whole mechanism is ruined.

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