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Many people ask me why I named my website ‘pyramidkey?

This has such a long answer to it that to try and boil it down to just one or two simple facts would undermine the whole process.

Within my blog, The Living Pyramid, I am going to write the story of how I developed my creative work over the years and how I came to notice that I was often subconsciously using the model of the pyramid as an inner pattern.

Blog: The Living Pyramid
Part 5: Original film production is put on hold
Part 5: Original film production is put on hold

I had first came to Nepal in the July of 2001 in order to conduct some pre-production research for a film that was to be based in Muktinath.

That was my calling to Nepal.

I was not a filmmaker by profession, but my job for this trip was to identify the feasibility of making a film in such a location as Multinath up at 3-4000m above sea level.

There are many considerations to shooting at such a remote place and at that time, there was no electricity there, no telephone lines, no mobile phone connection, just the natural elements at play.

It was a blissful place then – for me coming from the hectic Western world - but soon after my visit, they started connecting the valley to the National Grid and phone lines appeared along with internet cafes, roads and vehicles following.

I’m not saying that progress is not good for the locals, obviously it has changed their lives dramatically and successfully, but to lose that precious silence and powerful interaction of the natural forces of nature is something else.

Even though I had not yet personally met my guru, His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche when I had first come to Muktinath and made that arduous journey through the wrathful monsoon wrecked Kali Gandaki, in the November of that same year, my colleague on that film project had asked him to comment on what he thought about its inception.

Whilst all aspects for the project were already in place, the advise of the Guru was to postpone the project for some time. At the time, I saw no sense in this whatsoever, for we were all ready to go, money was on the table and a large production company in Rome, ready to back us with distributorship agreements etc... Yet somehow through the blur of rationality, an inner feeling trusted the Guru’s warnings.

The film project was duly ‘put on hold’.

For the Guru is the one who holds up a clear mirror to you, so that you may look, behold and understand who you are. Leading the disciple from the outer form to the realm of inner mind, the Guru shows you your being.

The film that I was actually to make was not the above-mentioned one that had brought me to Nepal, but another that would only be possible to make after a period of study, reflection and meditation on the Dharma.

It was under Chogye Trichen Rinpoche’s guidance that I undertook such a path and with his blessings that I eventually completed three versions of a film, entitled, ‘The Circle of Immortality’, each time more concise and developed in the symbolism of its meaning.

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