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Many people ask me why I named my website ‘pyramidkey?

This has such a long answer to it that to try and boil it down to just one or two simple facts would undermine the whole process.

Within my blog, The Living Pyramid, I am going to write the story of how I developed my creative work over the years and how I came to notice that I was often subconsciously using the model of the pyramid as an inner pattern.

Blog: The Living Pyramid
Part 1: A strange introduction to Nepal
Part 1: A strange introduction to Nepal

It would be impossible to say where this story really begins, but a good place to jump in would be to recount an acute experience I had in the famous city of Oxford, located in Southern England. That night seems so very far away now, but without what happened during the course of that night, none of what happened since could or would have happened in the way it did.

Since much of my creative work has been inspired by my various trips to Muktinath, which is located in the southern region of Mustang in the northern part of Nepal, I feel to talk of that night as I was lying in bed awaiting sleep. 

Something very strong was stirring from deep within me – it was like a calling, a calling to a place I had never been to, that was yet so very close.

A chapter in my life was closing, a chapter was opening, ‘Where must I go?’ I called out, ‘Please tell me, where must I go?’ And soon, I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke, still hearing the same word that had been resounding through my mind like a mantra repetition all night, ‘Annapurna, Annapurna, Annapurna’.

Even though access to the Internet was available in those days and I could have easily google searched it, being an Internet sceptic then, I was not yet fully aware of its capabilities.

So, in a more romantic disguise, that morning I made the bus ride to the central part of town and trekked through the arcane streets of Oxford, to its central library on a mission to locate where this mysterious ‘Annapurna’ place may be.

I was relieved and not so surprised to find out that it was a place in central Nepal, occupying a large area of mountainous terrain bordering the southern part of Mustang to the North, the district of Manang to the East, the Kali Gandaki gorge to the West and the Pokhara region to the South. Relieved because it was a tangible place in my mind and not so surprised, because I had been having a calling to Nepal for many years.

The first time I had ever really come into contact with Nepal had been on a train ride through the Swiss Alps ten years prior to this event in Oxford, when I had met a young English woman who had just returned from Nepal. She had been trekking alone through the mountains and had found an incomparable beauty and serenity there. ‘Go there,’ had been her words, ‘you would love it’.

Ten years later, standing in the library in Oxford that day, I felt a small sense of sadness that I had not listened to the calling then, but a sense of happiness that I had been able to experience life in the way those ten years had displayed it to me. ‘This time, I’m going there, no matter what,’ I determined.

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